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Posted on September 28, 2009


Hell in a Handbasket

Some news headlines that have turned my stomach recently:

“7 hospitals in NY accused of $50M Medicaid fraud”

The fact that this was even able to happen makes me sad, and removes all hope of things improving. Keep letting the system pay itself, and this will keep happening. Our government continues to funnel our tax dollars into the hands of a select few (branches of itself,) then wonders why they keep ending up getting screwed. Then they pass the screwing back to us; the tax payers. Somehow, I paid to bail out GM; twice. I don’t own any factories or machines now; I can’t even afford a new GM vehicle. What exactly did our government force me to pay for?


Bernard Madoff arrested over alleged $50 billion fraud

This douche bag should be tried for treason. At very minimum, he should face manslaughter charges; as several of his victims have committed suicide. (Depraved indifference, maybe?) Instead, he’s allowed to stay holed up in the $7 million home that his fraud bought him.

It only takes one shot to start a revolution…


Burris declares he's a senator...
Dude. You lied about having an arrangement with Blago. Then you declare yourself Senator. Then, you admit there was an arrangement (but not one to buy Obama’s Senate seat.) For all we know, you WERE the guy he picked for it. Then you just show up at work. You got brass ones.


Burris Denied Entry At U.S. Senate

No shit? You’re lucky that some of those old-school Senators didn’t kick your ass for faking and weaseling your way into office. Your legacy will be tainted forever.


Franken declares he's a senator...

Jackass. Douche. Just declaring it does not make it so; wait for the recount results. I guess being the first to claim it in a close election gets people used to the idea before the votes are actually recounted.


Coleman sues over Minnesota Senate recount result

Sue all you want. Didn’t you hear? Franken declared that HE was Senator. He called public office like “shotgun” on a car ride.



Yeah, no shit. Americans continue to lose jobs and homes while fat cat politicians blow BILLIONS of dollars that you gave them. Mail $1,000 to everybody in America; our economy will fix itself.

Lance Armstrong Hints at Run for Political Office

You can ride a bike and you managed to beat cancer; is that what qualifies you to be a Senator now? You my friend, have ambitions that far outweigh your qualifications.


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