The Way of the World

Posted on September 28, 2009


The Way of the World

Nice guys finish last. Lets be all the way real; it’s true. When someone in our group makes this statement, why does one person always insists on taking over the role of devil’s advocate? Some convince themselves that if they back down, be friendly, and wait long enough, good fortune will find them. That the best looking women will realize they are the best choice after all. Not so. By large, women do like assholes (even if some say they don’t, as if they are representatives of all women.) Assholes drive the hottest cars, publicly display their wealth, and speak the loudest. They are the ones who get noticed, whether or not we like them. An entire generation has been raised under the notion that successful drug dealing is a legitimate way of life.bucksCoolio once said, “When you stumble in the game, sometimes you get locked up.”  Jail time has become a mere setback in the pursuit of Tony Montana-style success. America’s prisons are more than filled with “three time losers,” often all three strikes for the same offense. Modern-day depression babies absorb MSNBC; featuring CEOs and bankers getting rich and infamous by pilfering every resource available to them. When they do finally get caught with their hands in the proverbial cookie jar, the government infuses their companies with billions more. These funds rarely make it past the upper rungs of management. stimulusI have been in the workplace for over fifteen years. By now, I figured I’d be rich; or at least financially stable. Jobs are scarce now; it is far easier to borrow money for college than it is to go out into the world and WORK. It has become apparent that if you are not born into wealth, you have to TAKE it if you ever want it. America is the land of opportunity. That’s because affluent people live among us; which brings us back to the pursuit of wealth. If we get away with it, we’re now rich. Man is animal. We kill each other. It has nothing to do with God, right-or-wrong, or man-made laws. If murder were something that could be cured or stopped, wouldn’t mankind have done it already? We are told throughout life that killing is wrong. We are warned against the ‘ultimate crime’ by religious types and the legal system; yet both have utilized “off-the-books” murder in the past to establish their current standing.

Get yours, America…get hers and his, too.


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