Posted on October 26, 2009


Some of the ballinest shit out right now:

The Saturn Sky:cool1Thirty grand is steep, but it is doable. This is an ill little car, despite its being a Saturn (which I have always kind of considered a brand that one “settles for.”) In performance reviews, these cars scored a 7.2 overall. Good enough; much better than the new Chargers. If I came across a sweetheart deal, I would pick one of these up. I’d get it in black, and leave my AK folder across the back seat under a blanket. Done.

The Volcano Taco:cool2These bad bitches are yet another reason that we as Americans love our Taco Bell. For around a buck, you get this taco soaked in jalapeno nacho cheese. It’s guaranteed to make your nose run and tongue burn; but in a good way. (I’d eat that cheese on everything if I could…think Taco Bell would sell me a 55-gallon drum? –KZ)

Blunts (The Marijuana Cigar)cool3Smoke much pot? I do. For me, blunts are the best way to go. One gram will fill it up; you pick the flavor and shape. Weed is a timeless American pastime. Blunts are slow-burning, potent, and easier than a pipe to toss out a car window if a cop gets behind you in traffic. They’re nice to share with friends, easy to extinguish (and re-spark later,) and fit nicely into your cigarette pack after they’ve burned for a few minutes. Blunts, you rule. Count me in.

 Besides the great taste, wonderful smell, and uplifting properties, weed tends to make me creative; well, it brings out the creative urges. When I do draw, there is only one pen I use to ink my books:

Pilot Precise pens.cool4These things are great for fine line work, shading, stippling…you name it. Thanks for making this product available to me.




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