Dora the Exploiter

Posted on October 26, 2009


Dora the Exploiterdorashot(Nothing like bastardizing someone else’s work for your own amusement.)dora introMeet Dora the Explorer: the “Nick Jr.-ed” little vagrant that today’s children are told to like (and buy) or be viewed as intolerant. Her broken English is touted as diverse and humorous. Is there anything funny about ignorance?vaminosInserting “VAMINOS!” every now and then isn’t teaching kids Spanish; it teaches a FEW select Spanish words, while sending the message that randomly switching between languages mid-sentence is somehow acceptable in society. (The bad out-weighs the good, you know?) Dora strolls around every episode talking down to her viewers and animated friends, telling them what they need to do. The sad part is that society’s children are being subliminally taught that someone else knows best for them, especially a 7-year-old. Her parents let her run wild to explore woods and crossing rivers alone; parents of the year. Way to stress strong parenting skills, Nickelodeon. I eagerly await the lawsuits popping up when young children start to go missing as a result. (“My child wandered off!” “This happened because she saw Dora the Explorer do it!”dora arrestDeport Dora.dora amigoDora, yo soy no tu amigo. I hate you. Not because of the proud culture you represent, but for the racially-exploitive way you are marketed. The concept itself is self-racist; “Her name is Dora, so she must speak Spanish, right?” Don’t worry about it dear, you make me sad and embarrassed enough for both of us. Then there’s Diego: diegoThe marketing execs decided to overwhelm kids and unsuspecting parents with several characters in this lousy saga. Enter Diego; Dora’s little BITCH. Dora keeps his balls in her stupid backpack. This little runt hides behind the guise of being an animal-rescuer (er, trafficker, or mule, or something…I don’t really care.) Diego’s lame ass has a sister, Alicia: aliciaAt 11, she’s apparently a “computer whiz.” Big fucking deal; lots of kids “do computers” these days. What makes you so special? If you want to impress me, try brushing up on your English skills. Maybe use your computer savvy to teach illegal immigrants to apply for legal citizenship online.

“Very, very, very, very, very, very, very, STUPID.”

(Contributed by Christina, age 6.)



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