I Want A Senate Seat!

Posted on October 27, 2009


While I’m on a roll about elitist Democrats:money1Caroline Kennedy: the debutant daughter of a slain U.S. President. Somehow she felt that she was entitled to Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat because of her family lineage and vast wealth. She launched a half-assed media blitz that ended with her being humiliated by reporters at every carefully-crafted appearance and eventually dropping out of the race. Things didn’t go her way, so she quit. Good thing New York didn’t make the mistake of putting her in the position in order to realize her ineffectiveness. Perhaps her father was a great man. To me, she’s just an old trust fund baby who desires power. I guess she’ll just have to settle for Oprah appearances, millions of dollars, multiple properties, her fame, lavish life, and already high-ranking government job. Boo hoo…try living for 6 months on $500 and NO help from the system. The C-word has been reserved for when it really applies.money2(You knew I’d have an opinion.)

You’ve sat on the sidelines in your Park Ave. neighborhood, observing. Now, since it’s available, you want a Senate seat. You feel entitled. Way to spit in the faces of all elected officials and policy in general (especially in NY.) You skipped paying dues to the Councilwoman, Mayor, and Governor, I see. Oh, you are worth a hundred million dollars and have a famous last name, so you must be right for it? Who the hell do you think you are? (I know you see yourself as the next Hillary, eventually running for a higher office. We see that too, but it’s not a good thing; you self-serving pig.) I don’t care if you have worked for $1 a year for the Dept. of Education. Clearly you failed to learn about due process and respect. Right now, you speak through released statements and spokesmen. Watch, soon you will put on an “I’ve been here all along” front like Sarah Palin did, and start doing Oprah again. You strive to disarm your fellow Americans. Have you ever worked an 8-hour shift at a store in a bad neighborhood? I didn’t think so. Fuck you, you know nothing. You are dead inside, and grasp to wealth and dynasty to keep you existent. Meeting in Harlem for soul food with Rev. Al Sharpton; is that something you normally eat, or were you pandering to African-Americans? Pig’s-Feet Tuesday at the old Kennedy estate? Reporters know you are weak and unqualified, and they pick on you for it. Good. In this age of reporters with Google, your Senate prospects are toast.money3Even with all the secrecy and withholding, you will be exposed. I would find it amusing to see you fight Sarah Palin (she could kick your pampered ass.) She must have inspired you: “If someone that dumb almost got VP, I can do Senator.” Well bitch go ahead; expect a handout just because of who you are. Politics is a dangerous game. With all the deals you hope to make from high ELECTED (not handed away) office, you will be exposed. Any affairs, shady contributions, your spotted voting record; America will find out (and probably not like the real you.) You are less relevant than you think. I wish you had got the job. Best of luck if you fail to appease your constituents; New Yorkers can be mean. Especially when the target of their contempt is some rich, white lady running on a memory and photo of her with a public hero daddy. Quit riding his coat tails and name. You really think you know best for everyone because you had a shortcut in life? money11Nice dress. Who are you wearing, Versace? For what you spent on that gown and earrings, could have fed some of the people in your district for a few years. From your spot in the expensive seats, you couldn’t possibly see how some people really live. You are mistaken and naive. money4I’m sure your husband and yes-men support you, but America doesn’t and I quote:

“You could probably have guessed most of her stances, because they’re the standard positions that almost any Democrat running for statewide office in New York might declare:

– She supports “full equality and marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples.”

– She’s pro-choice and “supports Roe vs. Wade, which prohibits third-trimester abortions except when the life or health of the mother is at risk.”

– She is a “strong supporter” of gun control.

– She supports the recent bailout of the Big Three auto companies.

– She supports a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and believes that “an undivided Jerusalem must be the national capital of the State of Israel.”

– She “opposed the Iraq war from the beginning.”

– She believes that NAFTA has had “unintended, negative consequences in some regions of New York.”

You honestly think you have what it takes to represent these folks?

The “lower class:”money5This guy is probably calling your office with innovative suggestions for improving health care, increasing financial aid for college, and reducing the deficit. Think he’ll ever get past your two-faced aides? Can you honestly say that you can relate to him and value his input? money6How about America’s children? You don’t have these kids’ best intentions in your heart. They are your natural enemy. You secretly fear them and what they represent. “Throw them in jail!” You look out for #1 (With all due respect to your “extensive” record in Education.)

Survivalists:money7Admit it, these guys scare you. I’d bet my left arm that you would never be willing to stand in that room to explain face to face, why you plan on taking their weapons away. Working to limit somebody else’s liberties from behind closed doors is cowardly. What you fail to realize, is that if America were ever attacked, these guys would be the first line of defense; so chicken-shit politicians could remain in power. Hang your head in shame.

Big Mama:money8Definitely not; but she understands you, like the rest of us do. She knows you could never understand her struggle. You don’t care about winning her vote; you just want the Governor to go around her (and all other New Yorkers) and HAND you a senate seat. I’m speechless; how vain and selfish could a President’s daughter be?

Criminals:money9No. You would probably tell some high-power judge buddy to throw him away. No guts, just sneaky back door deals and political favors. In my opinion, you are average and predictable; hence worthless.

Working people and single moms:money10Your Socialist agenda could help some people, if it were not for the red-tape typically associated. People who really need help are bounced from waiting room to waiting room, handed endless, unnecessary forms, and required to show every slip of documentation ever printed. Sometimes poor people don’t even have gas money or bus fare to go to all these offices, Internet access to use your “easy-to-use” websites, or health insurance to cure them from the swine flu they caught in the waiting rooms. You can’t imagine the frustration and rejection poor people face daily.


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