Madoff Alive?

Posted on October 27, 2009


And speaking of rich, selfish New Yorkers:

How has nobody killed this asshole yet?ny1Bernard Madoff:  “It’s All Just One Big Lie.”

“…he was released on $10 million bail only on the signature of he and his wife…house arrest in his $7 million New York City apartment…when he was not in New York, or at his beachfront house in the Hamptons – in a wood-clad, tropically styled house on North Lake Way. Just two weeks ago, according to Bloomberg, he stopped off at the Everglades barber shop in the town for his “usual” – a $65 haircut, a $40 shave, a $50 pedicure and a $22 manicure…ordered, at his wife’s expense, to provide round-the-clock monitoring…The security firm will provide additional guards available on request if necessary to prevent harm…Madoff appeared to extend his arm protectively, then was pushed backward by a photographer…he and his wife have agreed to surrender homes in Manhattan, Montauk, New York, and Palm Beach, Florida, if he flees.”



“L’Oreal heiress joins list of Madoff victims”

“NY investor who invested in Madoff is found dead”

“after losing more than $1 billion of his clients’ money to Bernard Madoff, Rene-Thierry Magon de la Villehuchet had enough. He locked the door of his Madison Avenue office and apparently swallowed sleeping pills and slashed his wrists with a box cutter, police said.”

Madoff  walked the streets freely,smirking; not giving a fuck. He also mailed out a bunch of money and jewelry to relatives after his arrest. This man ruined countless lives and a nation’seconomy. Steal a loaf of bread in this country, and you get thrown in jail with killers and rapists. This dickhead gets to sit with his feet up in his lavish penthouse (paid for by everyone but himself.) Can we say, “double standard?” The feds recently cracked down a little by imposing house arrest; followed by 150 years. I can understand that a despicable prick like this would need protective custody, but lock him up! I guess if you steal enough money from important people, it buys you temporary safety. Justice will be him in general population at Rikers Island.  Hopefully some two-bit crack head kills him in the showers for no reason.

Where is that rare 1% hiding?

The one who is guided by the hand of God, sent to right all things wrong?

Perhaps he stopped off for coffee…


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