Are You Skinny?

Posted on October 27, 2009



By contrast, if one isn’t fat, they’re usually skinny. There are a few different types of “skinny.”

The New Orleans skinny: skin1Typically have a poor diet, crack cocaine addiction, and no place to call home. These dudes are known for petty theft, carrying drug paraphernalia, and running really, really fast. Skinnys come from all races and all walks of life. Every crack head had to have been born somewhere; they just choose to hang out at your liquor store now.

Ghost Recon skinnys: skin2Enemy bots that you eliminate throughout the game.

Virginia Slims: skin3These are long-ass cigarettes prominently smoked by women and gay dudes. As if 100’s were not long enough, some genius had to invent 120’s; super duper. I wonder if people actually feel more prestigious when smoking these.

(Word of advice: Leave that shit to retired actresses. Since we’re all going to die anyways, man up and smoke a Newport like the rest of us.)

Kingpin Skinny Pimp:



Skinny but DANGEROUS.



Skinny, um, lady:

I wish I had some coke for sale…asshole…SkinnYbitch-KZ

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