Please Don’t Throw Shoes!

Posted on October 29, 2009


Random thought:

SHOE INSULT RESOUNDS IN ARAB WORLDShoeThrownIt’s about time someone had the balls to do it. Protesters have begun throwing shoes at unpopular politicians. I’m shocked that some lame American heckler didn’t try something like this earlier. If I had been close, I’d have give an old-school jail house ‘baptism.’ Imagine the props I’d get in jail for getting my own feces on a President’s mouth, face, and shoulder? Shit, if they sent me to Gitmo for the stunt, I’d have all the  Newports I could smoke! I would so brag about it between torture sessions and dreaded “cock-meat sandwiches.” I’d make Al-Zawahiri clean my cell, wash my draws, and buy my shit from commissary. 

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