Young Jeezy In His Own Words

Posted on November 4, 2009


(Jeezy can paint such a visual picture with words; I’m not even going to comment on these. Enjoy. -KZ)


Classic Quotes of Jay “Young Jeezy” Jenkins

jeez i am st dreamjeez fingerjeez3gun chain

jeez free vick


“Fuck bad bitches, smoke big blunts;
who am I to tell ya different, ya only live once.”

jeez girlsjeez blunt

“Swear the feds just starin’ at a nigga!”

 jeez bowling

feds starrin 

“Best be cool holmes, get my goon on. Bust them tools holmes, get my news on…”jeez mugshot

“Best add 5 grams; that’s if you weigh it in plastic.”jeez 80

“I push the Yukon Wednesday, the dropped Vette Monday; ice cream Impala, same color as a sundae.”sundae

“Might cook it on the stove, might cook it in the microwave;
Either way it’s gonna sell, still weigh it on the scale.”
crack baggies

“The governor, bitch; I make Georgia look good.”jeez n ti

“Three bands for a 9-piece chicken dinner.”jeez ross cok flo

“I can’t even lie yeah I fucked them hoes,
trapped all day spent it all on clothes.”
jeez matching 

“The clientele in Minnesota,
 so is the Vikings.”

“…nigga go broke and invest in a black mask.”black mask“Entrepreneur, he found him a new craft…” 

“Grand piano, might learn to play. Hundred grand just to walk past it every day.”babyGrand

“…first of the month, yeah we call that “Bird Day.”bird day

“…never let em see you sweat; cause if he search the
trunk, he might find the Tec.”
tec“Or a bag full of O’s; wrapped in duct tape nigga between some dirty ass clothes.”ounces

“Popping gold bottles, yeah I took them sips…cristal…50 in the trunk, yeah I took those trips.”50 trunk

“Keep the white girl, yeah forever my lady
Two grand flat get you four and a baby.”
4 and a baby

“Money in trashbags, call that garbage;trash bag money20 pounds in a trash bag, the shit look like garbage.”LV trash bag

“A .40 cal, rubberbands, and a shoebox,
run through a hundred grand watching Matlock.”

“Smoke purp by the pound, Goose by the fifth
Re-up on the first, and again on the fifth.”
jeez goose

“.25 for the throwaway, choppers by the door-way.”

 25 throwawaychopper

“Eighty grand just to see the Jacob go tick tock””jeez watch
“Def Jam, 7-figures we can finish the deal.”

jeezy n jayjeezy nba

“A hard head’ll make a soft ass;  and hard white’ll get you straight cash.”str8 cash

“The boy get new paper like the first day of school.”jeez reading

“Bury me in some Evisu jeans;
a USDA top and a throw-away Glock…

USDA top…bury me a G, nothin more nothin less;
when I get where I’m goin, I just gotta be fresh.”

“Seen bricks stacked tall as skyscrapers”bricks

“Mix the flake with the soda, got Young Jeezy.”jeez blow cd

“Inhaled so much llelo, lost my sense of smell.”cook up

“I’m a hater like you, fuck my wristband.”wrist

“I used to hit the kitchen lights; cockroaches everywhere.
Hit the kitchen lights, now it’s marble floors everywhere.”
marble floors

 “I’m in the SL, looking real Coupe-ish .”black SLR

 “We was born in it;
not sworn in it.”
born in

“It’s kinda hard to be drug-free,
when Georgia Power won’t give a nigga lights free.”
ga power

“I don’t live there; I just cook there. Ain’t nothing in there, but Vision cookware.”vision

“I’m Donald Trump in a white tee and white ones…”trump

 “I want a new Bentley, my auntie need a kidney,
and if I let her pass her children never will forgive me.”
jeez bentley

“Fruitopia, smoke blueberry.
Mix it with the purp, call it cranberry.”

blueberry + purp

“Still smell the blow in my clothes;
like Krispy Kreme, I was cookin them O’s”
krispy kreme

“Who gives a fuck about friends?
If you mix the baking soda wit it, you can get a Benz.”

 baking soda = SL benz

“In the rap game, takin’ niggaz clientèle;
white ones like the powder that I used to sell.”
jeez shoes

“You asked me kindly don’t bring the white in the house.
And then what I do?  Bring the white in the house.”

drug money“Bricks in the attic, and you didn’t know.
Your grandson killin’ em; he getting 24.”

“Whole life flash right before your eyes,
See the state troopers, get butterflies.”
jeezy pray

“Hat back, top back, ain’t nothin’ but a young thug.
HKs, AKs, I need to join a gun club.”


“A hundred grand on my wrist, yeah life sucks…
jeez wristband…fuck the club, dog,
I rather count a million bucks.”


“I’m knee deep in the game;
So when it’s time to re-up
I’m knee-deep in the cane.”
jeez usda logo


Can’t Ban the Snowman

Remember when school officials, law enforcement, and concerned parents got together and tried banning the snowman logo?  Got you kicked out of school and damn sure stopped on the street. Freedom of expression was once again shunned in favor of political-correctness.

snowman shirtsnowman cdban snowman   


“My President is Black,

prez blackobama

my Lambo’s blue,jeezy lambo…and I’ll be God-damned if my rims ain’t too.”jeez lambo blue


KEV'S kz gold


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