Training Day

Posted on December 10, 2009


Have we all seen the movie “Training Day?” Two words instantly come to mind: dirty cop. Right? Tricking your new partner into smoking PCP so you can pay off a few debts isn’t something a good cop normally does. This film rules, because it showcases the need, not only for  honesty, but for rule-bending killers who get the job done.  I am typically not a big fan of the police. What they do by definition runs parallel to the freedom with which I live my life. However, I do occasionally  wonder what it would have been like if I had gone the other route; became a cop? Most likely, I’d be more corrupt than a politician around elections. I grew up poor, surrounded by the same people police tend to harass. Fast money would be my motto, and deals would be cut. Protection rackets, drug dealer shake-downs, bribes to let people with warrants go at traffic stops…I would be full-service!

In Training Day, we witness a day the life of a cool, calculating, do-for-self dirty cop; and that of a squeaky-clean, boyscout cop seeking acceptance to his unit. Detective Alonzo Harris (played by Denzel Washington,) is at the top of his game. He appears to be paid, well-respected, and in charge of his own world.  By this point in the movie, he’s already put Snoop Dogg in a wheelchair, and beat a man to death in Las Vegas.

This menthol-smoking player seems to have it all figured out. He has a well-paying public service job to abuse, an old-school Monte carlo to ride around in, a cozy apartment in a gang-controlled neighborhood, and a hot, Eva Mendes-looking wife to come home to.

 Priorities:This badass knows when to use his power, and when not to. If he needs a lead, he’s quick to protect and serve; robbing and embarassing a car full of stoner college kids. If the matter at hand is a pair of crackheads raping a girl, he lets a partner do the heavy lifting. After the beatdown has been issued, he’d simply step on their rock, take their money, and threaten them at gunpoint. Not wishing to waste his day on paperwork for two dirtbags, he simply leaves them for Mexican street gangs to murder.

 Not giving a fuck:

Shoot at me? Who do you think you are? Out come the .45s…Denzel has no qualms about initiating a gun battle with a Crip set in the middle of a neighborhood. His off-the-books search and seizure of cash at a drug dealer’s home were not about to be cut short by petty small arms fire. 


 After using the stolen cash to bribe a few high-ranking LAPD figures, Harris manages to buy a real search warrant to serve on an old friend. He rounds up his loyal crew, and goes to the raid. Dr. Dre rolls with him, using the name Paul. After hitting a $5 million cash siezure, they each grab a cash bundle for their trouble, and turn their attention to the witness. After sissy-cop refuses to kill him, Denzel serves the dealer a gutful of buckshot. They use the suspects gun to fire on a vested detective; really make it look legit and justified. The detectives in this crew are tight, and don’t appreciate how Hoyt’s honesty makes them appear. They offer to kill him for Denzel, but he still holds hope that Jake can roll with the program.When Detective Harris realizes that tattle tale cop Jake Hoyt won’t play ball, he sets him up with the vatos. He pays a Mexican gang to kill Hoyt, and leaves. It’s a grimey move, but one that had to be done. After foolishly being talked out of his firearm, Hoyt realizes what’s happening and makes a move. He is quickly subdued, and ends up in the place that none of us ever want to find ourselves; on his back, facing death by shotgun in someone’s bathtub.Gangster Smiley suddenly develops a heart right before squeezing Hoyt’s final trigger. He does some research, and realizes this was indeed the same cop who had saved his cousin from crackhead rapists earlier that day. He explains that it was only business, and gives the LAPD Beretta back to Hoyt; who is now free to go. As Detective Harris bags his money to pay off a Russian mob bounty on his head, he has no idea that Hoyt is playing with his 9mm on a city bus; coming for him. When he arrives, a gunfight immediately ensues inside Denzel’s apartment. A whole cul-de-sac of Bloods watch as the white boy whips the shit out of and robs Harris. Not being able to pay off the Russians, Denzel and his Monte Carlo are chopped in half by a chorus of well-orchestrated full-auto AKs. 


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