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Posted on December 22, 2009


Welcome to KZ Concepts!

I am KZ.

“I’ll kill ANYTHING in two paragraphs.”

“Just…Wow.” (The full illustrated book)

“The High Society Hi-Point”

“What Ya Gonna Do?” Lyrics


“Lebron, Obama, and Oil”

“The KZ Shoe Co.”

“That’s Gangster!”

“The Mullet Game”

“Three Generations Deep in the Dope Game

“The Rules of Urban Football”

“KZ Speaks the Truth…ish”

The “KZ-High-Society” Glock 19

“KZ Fights Shaq”

“Young Jeezy in His Own Words”

“Dear Nature,”

“Worst TV Of the 1980’s”

“The Jay-Z Top 10 List”

“This Can’t Be Life: America”

“Please Don’t Throw Shoes!”

“Best Observations Ever”

“Cool Guys!”

“Making Nature Your Bitch”

“CSI: Sea World”

“KZ Lyrics”

“Hell in a Hand Basket”

“Mo Money, No Problems”

“Madoff Alive?”

“The 2010 Hip-Hop State of Affairs”

“I Want a Senate Seat!”

“I’m not a hater…but I sure hate YOU!”

“2009 Summer’s Eve Douche Awards”

“Are You a Skinny?”

“The Great McDonald’s Debate”

“In Honor of the AK-47”

“Out of Africa”

“Dora the Exploiter”

“Jay-Z In His Own Words”

“Who’s Real?”


“The Hip-Hop Chain Game”

“Shootout in the Pharmacy” (Excerpt from Dirty Pharmacy)

“Don’t Hate Kanye West” (The KZ Hip-Hop Rundown)

“The Way of the World”

“Legalize To Fix America”

“Stop Snitching!”

“The Wounded Raccoon”

“Remembering for a Friend”

“Classic KZ Frustration”

“Retribution and Redemption”

“Shame on You, Taco Bell!”

“Thank You, Mr. Pusher-Man!”

“Falling Down Broken Down”

“Training Day Broken Down”

“About KZ Concepts”








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