The High Society Hi-Point

Posted on September 23, 2010


KZ Concepts PresentsThe High Society Hi-PointThis is a Hi-Point 9mm carbine. By itself, it’s not very special. Just an inexpensive plinker a client had sitting in a closet

(note the “Mighty Whitey banner; his clothing company.) I field-stripped, cleaned, and completely covered it with custom graphics. All moving parts (bolt/magazine well, trigger, etc.) are completely clear of art. I keep them functional! There are graphics on bolt heads, under the rear sight, inside the reciever…many places you have to disassemble to even see. When finished, I seal them well to avoid a mess. Finished product is smooth, glossy, and able to be handled.I ended up buying him out to own the rights to this one. Even your old scratched-up guns can become wall-worthy art.( I can customize ANY item you want; and I’d like to. Reasonable rates, too.)I don’t sell guns; I custom paint the ones you already own.

(Don’t ship me anything illegal or stolen, please.)Before sealing the rifle, I gave it a quick gold coat.

I intentionally let it get a bit heavy in strategic spots.I also painted the extended magazine’s spacer and floorplate to match.

Beautiful in the hand.With the reciever cover removed, you can see just how far inside the graphics go.Left side of the grip. This pic was taken while under construction. The safety has since been painted red, had graphics applied, and been sealed.The insets on the forend, along with several other parts, were done in a vivid red to match the client’s car.An incredible amount of time and detail has gone into this rifle. Now let’s do something special with one of yours…




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