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“That’s Gangster!”

November 26, 2010


  “That’s Gangster!” The term “gangster” is tossed around far too loose and reckless these days; especially since comments made online often go unchecked. When a young/fat/white/teen/Hot Topic shirt-wearing/Manson fan/college kid uses the word to describe his rhinestone boots, it’s time for us as a society to pause and consider our words more carefully. “Oh […]


November 24, 2010


“Untouchable” (File this under ‘fiction not conviction.’ Feel me?) We all seem to go through periods in life when we feel untouchable. Things are going your way, money is lovely, and lately, the ladies just can’t seem to leave you alone. We get a little arrogant; maybe run that extra red light. Sometimes we’ll be […]