KZHS In 16 Bars

Posted on May 16, 2011

KZ Concepts Presents

The “KZ High Society” Brand

(“I didn’t like my hand in life, so I’m drawing new cards.”)

For 15 years, I was a manager in retail;

I got in a gunfight, now I can’t stand dealing with people.

I’m trying to win like Keno, decided art would be my sequel;

Now I draw more fucking playing cards than dealers in casinos.

My brand is “KZ HIGH SOCIETY,” and I’m gaining notoriety;

Self-promotion on the low, cause running ads requires bribery.

Every week I fill my TwitPic, with custom art that you can get;

From weed jars and custom cars, to the codeine bottle I did for  Tit.

Got the art world bracing, for the royalty art invasion;

Their minds race in anticipation of a glance at my next creation. 

My work is hand-stippled, and as appealing as female nipples;

Initial investment tripled, I tote guns like Dale Gribble.

And just like when the weed is nice, I’m giving you the friend price;

On art you won’t find anywhere…KZHS merchandise.

If you see something in here you like, just message me to get a price;

I’ll send promo pics to @artiefice, and toss it in the mail like loaded dice.

“NOTHING is too frivolous.”

“All Custom Everything.”

KZ Concepts 2011/All Rights Reserved

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