“I Get Money” Lyrics

Posted on August 19, 2011

“You either have money, or you’re after it; there is no third option.”

Lyrics by KZ (@KZHighSociety)

I wake up earlier than the sun

Throughout the day I get more done

Than an old Iraqi soldier’s gun


I’ve been after paper since my birth

My roll has grown in length and girth

Trump admires my net worth

Bitch (I GET MONEY.)

With CEOs I’m keeping stride,

Salary caps I don’t abide

If you’re broke then step aside

Cause (I GET MONEY.)

I’m Warren Buffet in a sweatshirt

All this cash makes my pockets hurt

The weed I get is never dirt

Cause (I GET MONEY.)

More influential than the Coast Guard

Buying houses on my Black Card

Blowing cash like a fucking retard

Cause (I GET MONEY.)

I don’t be out in theHamptons

Like Martha Stewart going camping

But in the hood a local champion


When Japan gets hit with a tsunami

Instead of buying another Bugatti,

I flood Japan like teriyaki


I make doctors pull their pay stubs out

To let them know I have more clout

Steve Forbes knows what I’m talking about

Cause (I GET MONEY.)

My watch makes all the stick-up kids drool

Dumb fucks, you should have stayed in school

Chose to face my carbon fiber tool


I had a lot to do today

Countries trade on things I say

Living life the American way


(KZ Concepts/2011 All Rights Reserved.

 http://kzconcepts.com kzconcepts@yahoo.com



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