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#KZHS “Harsh” Freestyle

February 29, 2012


(A #KZHS Interactive Hip-Hop Experience) “Harsh” Freestyle Lyrics by KZ Music by Phonix [Click to start music; lyrics begin at 0:21] (Verse 1) Sitting in the Lincoln plotting on the Brink’s man Need funds for the weekend; sidestepping policemen Where’s the penthouse in the sky I was raised up to believe in? Feet up, […]

“Step your game up, Twitter!”

February 19, 2012


Step Your Game Up, Twitter!   Twitter needs a facelift; and it has nothing to do with alien-interface “New Twitter” (essentially a confusing layout for an already perfectly-functional Twitter.) No, the overhaul lies in Twitter’s users. Straight up folks, some of you are living foul on Twitter. Before you put even one more #Lame tweet […]

“Never Change” Freestyle by KZ

February 18, 2012


(A #KZHS Interactive Hip-Hop Experience) “Never Change” Freestyle Lyrics by KZ Music by Kanye West   (Click for music, lyrics start at 0:11) (Verse 1) I’ll sling guns faster than Billy the Kid would at the Rapture Judgment faster than at an Afghan insurgent’s capture I’m not a rapper, but verbally I light it […]