“Never Change” Freestyle by KZ

Posted on February 18, 2012

(A #KZHS Interactive Hip-Hop Experience)

“Never Change” Freestyle

Lyrics by KZ

Music by Kanye West


(Click for music, lyrics start at 0:11)


(Verse 1)

I’ll sling guns faster than Billy the Kid would at the Rapture

Judgment faster than at an Afghan insurgent’s capture

I’m not a rapper, but verbally I light it up

I’ll vaporize these other guys and roll another up

A twenty-year book of hip-hop music written in my mind

I started writing back when Scarface saw a man cry

In 91, I saw three of my closest people die

Knew I wouldn’t make it out alive but I had to try

A family of addicts, but think I turned out just fine

When God made us in His image He was drinking wine

I understand first-hand not being felt in your time

But I refuse to going back to selling ounces and dimes

In Fort Myers, I used to be “The Madd Hatter”

At your local Lids store sitting on the counter

Delighted shoppers every day with my witty banter

Hat game tighter than a 60 year-old lady’s bladder

Promethazine, my cash is leaning like a purple cup

It’s time to get back on the phone and set a meeting up

I’ll sell a feature, and a customize a pair of Chucks

Engrave kings on one your guns and charge a thousand bucks

I had to learn how to live, I was never shown

Kings painted and engraved on everything I own

Looking back at all the foolish cash that I’ve blown

Another Great Depression came, wish I would have known

Life today just ain’t as easy as it used to be

When I was playing G.I Joe in 1983

I didn’t care when Ronald Reagan got on TV

Announced the crack epidemic; wasn’t news to me

The world is crowded now and aided by technology

The population ten bil by 2015

We’ve come so far in American society

But why are people still in jail just for smoking green?

The end is coming soon; we’re on the verge of World War 3

Unofficially at war with 20 countries

They’re putting additives in everything that we eat

While people out of work and nervous occupy the street

Police profiling folks who ride Fleetwood Broughams

Unmanned drones photograph the shit inside your home

They brought slavery back, gave it a different tone

Put you in a private prison, confiscate the chrome

I live free, that’s the only way that it can be

You try to take my guns away expect yourself to bleed

No fusion center or FEMA camp in store for me

Rather be gunned down in the street than a detainee

Every day, my flow grows just a little tighter

Who expected such fire from a creative writer?

I stole the beat, but that don’t make me a biter

Talk slick, witness a modern-day gun-fighter


Written by K. Ziruolo/KZ Concepts,LLC/2012/All Rights Reserved

(Note: “Fiction, not conviction.” These are only song lyrics. -KZ)

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