#KZHS “Harsh” Freestyle

Posted on February 29, 2012

(A #KZHS Interactive Hip-Hop Experience)

“Harsh” Freestyle

Lyrics by KZ

Music by Phonix

[Click to start music; lyrics begin at 0:21]


(Verse 1)

Sitting in the Lincoln plotting on the Brink’s man

Need funds for the weekend; sidestepping policemen

Where’s the penthouse in the sky I was raised up to believe in?

Feet up, smoking Cheech with freaky Puerto Ricans

Meeting at six o’clock, I’m upbeat for no reason

Caution box in the floorboards to keep the fo-fe’s in

Two feet taller than Devito shooting free throws

Retired like Regis, got no use for kilos

Called up Samano, in Mexico he was “Primo”

Met at Maria’s in Sarasota over burritos

AK engraved with 300 faces and legal

Body armor painted with fifty kings; it’s regal


(Verse 2)

Ask God to protect us from habitual detractors

A&R’s that deflect us even though they never meet us

Beef can get heated with a hot skillet or metal

I’m under more pressure than your grandma’s tea kettle

When I squeezed shots I didn’t stop at just one

But gave dude one chance to turn around and run

Slugs flew at the sky, brass dropped dead

Picked up another Glock before I went to bed

Waist deep in the abyss, like a BP oil slick

I backstroke casual, just take a quick dip

Salvador Dali with a Llama is how I greet you

New like Benny Blanco, but my way is Carlito’s


(Verse 3)

Creative writing shines bright like a jar of White Lightning

Held up to sunlight, by consecutive-sentence lifers

#KZHS is the cake, this is icing

@ me on Twitter to get artist-direct pricing

Underground like a cave, working harder than a slave

Just a phone call away when your shotguns need engraved

Like a kid sent out to play, try my hardest to behave

Pounds of street cred but no felonies; don’t threaten me

Illuminate the gray skies, eradicate jealousy

So many extra rounds, I could take on the tennis team

Concealed carry two guns daily, nothing lesser than

Uncle Mike’s Sidekick; only holster I’ll put em in


(Verse 4)

I turn down advance money and platinum watches quick

By the times the debt’s settled, they own your soul and first kid

Unleashing lyrical content that’s sharp as punji sticks

Light back-to-back Swishers with #KZHS custom Bics

Add a thousand followers when my name begins to trend

Music industry has get-togethers; I’m reluctant to attend

The King’s AK is sick, illustrated folding stock

In the winter it fits in my coat when I’m walking down the block

Police don’t bother to stop me and ask me what I’ve got

They knew if I didn’t have a permit, they’d already be getting shot (What!?)

Cash rules everything; I don’t bother with a Visa

The feds don’t need to know every time I decide to order pizza

Puff hydroponic reefer while writing your next feature

Ask me to sell a quarter, expect the price to get steeper

Ice cold Jordans like a Philadelphia freezer

I see the Ghost of Hip-Hop Future like Ebenezer



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