Kevin Ziruolo Press Kit 2012

Posted on April 11, 2012


Kevin Ziruolo isn’t the average writer, or the average entrepreneur.

He is a full fledged artist in all definitions of the word. He lives and breathes his art — whether the written word, or his actual artwork.


Like the great author Jack Kerouac, who allegedly cut himself off from the world and worked in isolation while writing his most famous literature, “On The Road”, Ziruolo tends to work in solace and takes comfort in avoiding outside stimulation so that he can focus completely on his craft.


The Akron, Ohio native is in the process of completing a nonfiction novel entitled, “Dirty Pharmacy” (which he also intends to adapt to screenplay), while actively maintaining his other projects. He has been featured as Artist Of The Month in Mindstate Magazine, while also contributing multiple articles to publications such as,, and Cosign Magazine (including the article, “Step Your Game Up Twitter”, that ran in the Super Bowl 2011 issue.) He was also contacted by The Source Magazine about his nonfiction story “Three Generations Deep in the Dope Game.”


Ziruolo is a regular columnist for, and has contributed not only his articles, but many of his “Royal Fam” comics (of which he has a few currently unpublished works with over 100 pages of illustrations).


His stellar vocabulary — which many writers seem to lack these days –in combination with his creativity and witty commentary make him a triple threat and thus a valued team member.


“I enjoy writing columns because it gives me the opportunity to have an on going project that I’m passionate about and it shows in my work.” (He jokingly says, ‘I’ll kill anything in two paragraphs.’) That holds true with my style. Ideally I’d like to find a home base publication to be a steady columnist for, covering things that interest me; hip hop, current events, opinion articles, or product reviews. I’m confident that I’d be an asset to any established publication,” said Ziruolo. “I believe the worst fate one could have is to live life as average or predictable. Being such a diverse writer and artist, I feel I’ve avoided that.”


For more information about Kevin Ziruolo, his writing, or artwork, feel free to contact his representative at

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