“Puffalittlereefa” (The 4/20 Anthem)

Posted on April 13, 2012

(A #KZHS Interactive Hip-Hop Experience)



(The 4/20 Anthem)


Lyrics by KZ

(Music: Jay-Z “Can I Live” instrumental)

[Click for music; lyrics begin at 0:38]


(Verse 1)

Wake up high, roll out of bed

Swisher cloud still in your head

Try to remember what Wiz said

Wake up and (puffalittlereefa.)

Light a joint and take a shower

Gonna  spend the daylight hours

Burning ounces of purple flowers

You plan to (puffalittlereefa.)

A holiday like no other

Don’t want to see no undercovers

Or hear that bitching from your mother

You’re trying to (puffalittlereefa.)

You spent all your pocket money

On a skimpy eighth from Sunny

Bitch this 4/20

You gotta (puffalittlereefa.)

A day of pride for weed smokers

And the hippies that call us tokers

I got green for both of us

Kick back and (puffalittlereefa.)

Light the sour back to back

With two  True Blunt Kush wraps

Get twisted like beer caps

When we (puffalittlereefa.)

El Productos in the back

In an empty Phillies pack

It’s not like we’re smoking crack

Just wanna (puffalittlereefa.)

Making rounds in all your circles

This new kid’s being an Urkel

“Son, this Granddaddy Purple?”

Shut up and (puffalittlereefa.)

Tell Chief Tokeawholesack

To pass my cigar back

Talking in circles like race tracks

I need to (puffalittlereefa.)

This your first time with a bowl?

Just put your finger on the hole

Careful not to cash the dro

We’d like to (puffalittlereefa.)

At the concert or the rally

Puffing Vegas bigger than Cali

Cops laugh and call you “Sally”

But let you (puffalittlereefa.)

Blunt Magic or Bamboo?

Wonder “What Would Snoop Do?”

One thing holds true

He’d stop and (puffalittlereefa.)

Scavenger smokers extra bummy

When your buds look extra gummy

Cop searches, it’s in your tummy

No chance to (puffalittlereefa.)

A SWAT team just kicked your door

You got warrants for skipping court

Quick, before you get cuffed

Hurry up and (puffalittlereefa.)

I’ll keep your stash safe

Hide it somewhere at my place

Storage fee on rental space

I’ll pinch and (puffalittlereefa.)

Wrote the anthem for the masses

College kids blaze after class

If you don’t smoke then kiss our asses

Time to (puffalittlereefa.)


(Verse 2)

At the studio barking

G-Dub in the booth recording

Game rolling up talking

About to (puffalittlereefa.)

Looking back on fat dimes

 Flipping through my  “High Times”

Hope they appreciate these lines

We’ll meet and (puffalittlereefa.)

Goal in life’s to win a Stony

Want the editor to know me

Maybe Miss High Times will show me

How she (puffalittlereefa.)

At The Cannabis Cup

Ask me to judge, I’ll bust a nut

Over tight-lipped hybrids

Let me (puffalittlereefa.)

4/20 comes once a year

Go put your chronic in the air

For the players no longer here

In Heaven (puffalittlereefa.)

Legalization is near

Nationwide within a year

Lawmakers listen loud and clear

The People (puffalittlereefa.)


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