“I’d Shoot You”

Posted on April 19, 2012

(A #KZHS Interactive Hip-Hop Experience)

“I’d Shoot You”


Lyrics by KZ

Music: The Wiz Khalifa “I Choose You” instrumental

[Click for music; lyrics begin at 0:28]


(I’d shoot you)

Cause half the rap game has slept on me; that’s alright, I’ll make them feel KZ.

(I’d shoot you)

Intangible so you might not see; your competition just emailed me.

(Verse 1)

A newborn in south Akron in a home on Lake Street

Moved up to Goodyear Heights where the gangs and connects meet

A violent cycle here like somebody hit repeat

Deaths avenged within hours like they rented the heat

If you come from out of town and you’re out here talking

You’re invited to spend a weekend in Wooster-Hawkins

Westside AKrowdy home of the coffins

Where mothers have to bury sons far too often

Come a long way from the days of government cheddar

Heard trash on the radio, became the aggressor

Hey hip-hop, it’s time to name a successor

I’d like to nominate the kid with the MAC in his dresser

The years that I’ve seen have been downright tragic

Cash out my experience for lyrical magic

I’ve lived that life and I decided I had it

I make dope music now I just sit home and bag it


(Verse 2)

Sit back in Fort Myers you’ll hear gunshots often

The city spawned Kevin Foster and Kemar Johnston

One in four people there carry tools like its Boston

You gotta be quick to shoot like the boy Charles Bronson

Intratec pistol man I Jansport sacked it

At Colonial and Fowler out in midday traffic

And people always wonder why my life’s so drastic

Why I won’t leave the house without my bulletproof jacket

Leaning out the car selling Kevlar compartments

When the Lexus got old, I dumped it at the apartments

From 41 and Palm Beach to Page Field Commons

P’s and Q’s got minded and we never had problems

Cops knew we had heat but didn’t bother to stop us

Busy chasing dope boys around in Chevy Impalas

Must have that they couldn’t knock all of us

Sidestepped a life sentence in the land of the lawless


(Verse 3)

A quick word to magazines and A&R’s that ignored me

Got busy and fell asleep right on their front page story

While promoting new music that was downright boring

I sat patiently at the door getting ready to storm it

Sent all my links out and you act like you missed it

And probably looked at me like a two-bit misfit

I leaked my first record and you all got addicted

I’ll share everything that you did when I got evicted



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