KZ “Look What I Got” Freestyle

Posted on May 23, 2012

(A #KZHS Interactive Hip-Hop Experience)


“Look What I Got”

Lyrics by KZ (@KZHighSociety)

Music: Playaz Circle’s “Look What I Got” Instrumental

[Click for music; lyrics begin at 0:17]

 (Verse 1)

Blow dro at the ceiling KZ in the building

Security outside died I already killed them

Interscope feel him? Why won’t he meet them?

Reclusive art gem driving through South Akron

Internet sensation left the gate blazing

Industry gazing, state of amazement

Pistol and laser, more shock than a Taser

More work than a Home Depot’s day labor

Made a few pints spill with the Glock concealed

I was happy to drill them cause the decision meant living

Tell the illest villains and killers here

To go home and raise their children

So much more to do in life then settle

up all the old scores that need em

Walk inside the house and beat em,

Then drag em out to the street and leave them

Guns with bells and the whistles holster full of missiles

Go hide like a bitch do I’m still gonna get you

Put on a good show that these folks wanna sit through

I’ll sign my initials on another show’s playbill

Snitched on me cause the police tricked you

Another non-issue, grandmother miss you

Pass her a tissue, ask God who hit you

Light another Swisher, man it’s time to forget you

No time to be gentle I might need a rental

Battery dying in my white Continental

I don’t hide no razor inside my dental

But got so many guns you would question my mentals

Spilled Courvoisier on my dossier

Art gallery down my basement stairs

All the chronic that I’ve inhaled

You couldn’t weigh it out with five digital scales

Lavender skies the murder guise

And the use of drones is on the rise

    Look up high, see the digital diamonds?

    Or the chemtrails staggered right beside them?

Private prison to confine, suicide and deny us

The people need to rise up before we get tied up

China marching in with the Clintons now to buy us

To get out of this you’d need a cop from “The Wire”

Status quo’s gotta go, you motherfuckers know it

Government loans it and Wall Street blows it

Working folks foreclosed upon and thrown

In corporate holes for what they owed

If you see one shout one, regardless of outcome

Better be about one, or get the fuck out one

Don’t be flashing all your riches

Bugatti on the strip is a suicide mission

Entered the royalty art arena

without so much as a misdemeanor

Got hotter than a pair of stolen four fivas

or supermodel coming down with fever

Poverty sucks cause

You got nowhere else to go but up

This song’s tough, like a lyrical punch to the gut

But I can’t pay a royalty with 36 bucks

Go bodyguard hard on the right instrumentals

Stole so many beats, should have put me on payroll

 Disturbing the peace like Playaz Circle

Or Ludacris; Def Jam’s charismatic general

Time for me to lie back, I’m never gonna sign that

Buy guns outside of a federal buyback

Amassed a massive stack  cash

 In southwest Florida’s back half

I don’t bother with sleep, VIP ten deep

With KZHS shoes on the feet

Survival’s price has gotten even steeper

Than a private Stone Mountain retreat

On the other hand seems life got cheaper

People obsolete  like your fly uncle’s beeper

  Nephew, don’t be scrounging for the reefer

     Roach weed give your ass another seizure



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