“Leave You Alone””

Posted on June 11, 2012

(A #KZHS Interactive Hip-Hop Experience)


“Leave You Alone”


Lyrics by KZ

Music: Warren G’s “Leave You Alone” instrumental


[Click for music; lyrics come in at 0:22]



(Verse 1)


I should have written these bars for the music industry

And used the instrumental from “Dear Mr. L.A. Reid”

Sat back and lit a blunt with a half a gram of weed

Tried to figure out how to make Iovine like me


Logic413 and Gleams know my dream

Waist deep just like me, plotting out what could be

Put us together to create a mean lyrical team

Rake in cream like we sat atop a pyramid scheme


Creative thoughts hustled and auctioned

To interested parties

From rap legends to paupers

We’ve all got stories


If they’d give us a chance

I’d even show them my new dance

Invest wisely my advance

Buy up Karl Kani pants


I hope Jeezy doesn’t shoot me

For the bars that I’m doing

Job at 8732?

And Warren G, I salute ya


Got a whole book of designs for you in the near future

Constant efforts and maneuvers just to get through to you

Got a little over-zealous, kind of smarted off to you

Been a fan since 92; I’m just proud that I knew ya


Not a Stan, but Eminem should sit and play this whole jam

An underdog with a plan ready to try my hand

I spent five years designing my custom royalty brand

I’m where 2 Chainz was on “Supply and Demand”


Now his face is everywhere, try not to stare

Bright ass glare from the chains and bracelets he’s wearing in pairs

Lack of opportunity got me holding back tears

I’ve been underground writing for the past few years


Too many artists play Hollywood; don’t bother to listen

 So when we do get a response we know the realness is in them

If an ego gets too big, unfollow buttons hit em

Give me a good topic and watch me go get em


Feels like I’m tweeting inside a fish bowl

Attempts to let the world know

About the unsigned radio show

And clever bars I wrote


My tone comes off as flagrant

 To-the-point and abrasive

I just want the legends to know

That I’m worth a conversation


While these other suckers at home on Xbox and PlayStation

I’ve been under the streets of Akron building blocks like a mason

Custom shoes, clothes, and guns for America’s favorites

The letters tatted on my stomach that spell out PATRIOT  


Engrave a hundred faces on a five inch box

Then stitch a hundred more across blue alpaca socks

Each piece is hand-crafted for the shelf up at the top

Give me a year; I’m probably gonna open a shop


My eyes blacker than Dre’s Impala on ”Let Me Ride”

My chopper’s engraved; it even has faces inside 

Smoked a hundred pounds of dro but I don’t wear tie-dyes

 And I form my own opinions cause the media lies


I’m paranoid; I see smart phones as a tracking devices

Missed a couple messages that could have changed my life

From custom shoes for Twista or Regulator designs

I spent months underground never making a dime



The hardest working artist in the Northern Hemisphere

Custom sneakers, two weeks then I ship em out of here

My work ethic Kevlar like your bodyguard’s gear

Need the industry to realize it and take me out of here


To the radio in Cleveland, Z1079

It’s all love, but ease up on the repetitive lines

I just heard “Cake” and “Rack City” 96 times

Give local cats drive time and see if they shine


I only pick the best beats

From what’s hot on the street

Original artist gets the first link

Quick lyrical treat


My brain is a think tank

Sit me down, give me a drink 

Give me a few minutes to think

Vivid descriptions when I speak  


Articulate your intentions or pawn, its checkmate

I see the current state and still I refuse to participate

I will never have a cellmate, or even a court date

I live in a glass safe with a perimeter in place


Black diamond in place of my heart like a C. Stone pendant

My jewelry’s on creative professionals and flight attendants

If I had a million dollars, I would cash out and spent it

It’d be nice to own a home; everything has been rented


Painting parts and writing bars was the extent of my weekend

Still two slots open for the Summer Jam in Cleveland

Composed so many flows and words I’m barely breathing

Rock thirty thousand people, get off stage and I’m leaving


Face wrapped in a towel to hide my permanent scowl

Time to blow up now; are they not hearing us shout?

I need a creative route if I’m gonna break out

Not the type to sit home in the studio and pout.


Even if they side-step me, glad I introduced them

For the sake of music; for hip-hop’s future

A good couple of dudes with the right attitude

Produce and write even doper than the majors do


If you decide to pursue me, I’ll come right through

Bars, music, and art for whatever you wanna do

If that means jump in the Suburban and go for a cruise

I’m the one to roll the blunt up and pass to both of you



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