“Playa Man”

Posted on July 1, 2012

(A #KZHS Interactive Hip-Hop Experience)


“Playa Man”


Lyrics by KZ

Music: Spice 1’s “Playa Man” instrumental


[Click for music; lyrics begin at 0:43]





(Verse 1)


Engraved the slide of my pistol with a diamond-tip Dremel

Creative thoughts spill out the sides like a Cadillac fender

Drawn more lines and dots by hand than a dot-matrix printer

Not geeked like Charlie Sheen, but every day I’m a winner


 This is northeast Ohio; you gotta plan ahead for winter

When roads close up with snow, you might go without dinner

I uphold the rap game like the Turtles did Splinter

And unwind afterwards with a blueberry pinner


My Fleetwood got impounded with the Alpine in it

Copper paint, faulty registration; wanted to keep it

Couldn’t afford the fees; I was poor, it was no secret

But the radiator was bad so I let the city keep it





(Verse 2)

Art game is deeper than the shark tank

In Tony Montana’s hallway

Find the wall safe; we’re hitting the gate

And getting away


Incinerate my notebooks; the shit out here’s hopeless

Diamonds buried in the dirt amongst the snakes and the vultures   

Can’t let my fingertips be evidenced upon the cocas

Took a shooting in a store to redirect my focus


Writing bars, art, money, cars, women and semi-autos

“Kill anything in four bars” has been my motto

Sent my art out to the stars, got a few Twitter follows

I won’t stop until Hef invites me out to the Grotto


A good sport born in August but buddy, don’t test it

I didn’t leave my gun at home or in the back of the Lexus

In thirty years time, I’ve never once been bested

Two guys tried in 05 and left the place messy


Don’t mind mine; just twisting a fine line

In the part time, a smart crime

In your age of surveillance; not mine




(Verse 3)


Politics is infested like a Carolina guest bed

Can’t explicitly express just how pissed I get

When I see drones overhead purchased by the looted fed

 Freshly looted from the looted fed?

“Move, bitch!” like Luda said


The arrogance and excess of special interests

Reward their friends reckless and forget the rest of us


But what about the specimens of generation next?

Will they still kill each other; with the Macs and the Tecs?

Programmed for war at birth via subliminal message

Tell you stand in line quick, or your best friend gets it




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