“This Way”

Posted on July 8, 2012

(A #KZHS Interactive Hip-Hop Experience)


“This Way”

Lyrics by KZ

Music:  Kanye West/Dilated Peoples “This Way” instrumental

(Click for music; lyrics begin at 0:20)


“Even if they kill me; what’s the worst they can do?”

[Verse 1]


A special message to the predators infesting D.C.

The folks controlling the drones we might look up and see

You’ll never microchip my skin; might as well come get me

But expect a severe response before you reach the first tree

You pollute the ecosystem but never admit fault

Could this heat be an effect of the oil you spilled in the Gulf?

Maybe HAARP got set to “Bake” and the lever got broken off

It’s even too hot outside for rich folks to play golf

The generation of zombies bath salts brought back

We haven’t seen since the 80s when they introduced crack

Concentration camps sitting by rural train tracks

Unless you got a million dollars; then they’ll let you go pack

Right now I see tyranny rise

Never too late to open ones eyes

I know there’s shit in my life that I must let go or I will soon die



[Verse 2]

A lot of people pissed off who’ve just about had it

As a precaution I don’t go outside without holstering plastic

Taxes codes rigged up for folks who sit in the top bracket

Food prices up;  ghetto technology is ratchet

Obamaphones were handed out to monitor the masses

That’s why you can’t remove the battery or take off the back

Make at least a call a month so the satellite can track it

Triangulate where you’re at, log your info and map it

Fair elections is a joke and two-party’s a hoax

Family members are enslaved by the rocked-up coke

Complain all you’d like about your people being broke

But your smartphone’s recording every last keystroke

It’s time to veto these guys

Speak up; no more turning blind eyes

There’s been some things in my life I had to let go cause I was too high


[Verse 3]

Half the nation is on fire; Colorado’s getting fried

 The feds supplied guns to where a border agent died

Those in charge allowed to slide through executive lies

Clock stops December 7th; they’ll go underground and hide

In man’s quest to become God, he became the opposite

We see the most evil deed, someone shows up to top it

Population over-stressed and oceans are getting toxic

Slavery/indoctrination/data mining; you gotta stop it


I know there’s things on this track that I should rewrite before I get knifed

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