“Born to be a Star”

Posted on July 12, 2012

(A #KZHS Interactive Hip-Hop Experience)


“Born to be a Star”

Lyrics by KZ (K. Ziruolo/KZ Concepts/2012)

Music: T.I’s “Born to be a Star” instrumental (unreleased)

(Click for music; lyrics begin at 0:22)



[Verse 1]

It doesn’t even matter who wins the next election

Both parties pander and lie; trying to be your best friend

It’s always patriotic for the people to stand up and question

The talking points and bias that the media’s stressing


Truth is, the whole world is just a den of deception

Northeast Ohio dust bowl; the heart of recession

I’ve worked hard to overcome all of the negative perceptions

Determined to make a connection with potential investors


But the legends get disconnected like Mexico from Texas

They don’t lie awake at night stressing rent and possessions

You’ve seen my art promos; hello, my name is Kevin

Drop a brand new Bentley off, I’ll have it finished by seven


Work ethic and success are inextricably connected

Let the lyrics get reckless here; they’ve come to expect it

Stand in line like a pawn and only do as directed

Or see wrong in the world, and take steps to correct it


It all goes back to character; my conditions have been terrible

The lowest point in life is when people get spiritual

So I sell art, write bars, and pray for a miracle

And murder these instrumentals like a lyrical serial


From the pain and gun play to women I’ve banged

The 67 Mustang and the dope I’ve slang

I never let my shirt color be dictated by a gang

Shot it out back in 05; the corral’s OK


Don’t think of me as a rapper; just a guy who’s flabbergasted

When he catches a whiff of the crap that the record exes are passing

Some inexperienced hack that lacks substance and passion

 Only function is to market sport drinks and new fashion


I heard “Snapbacks and Tattoos,” I spit on the ground

It’s mindless drivel like this that is holding us down

No disrespect to dude; but shit-can this clown

I’ll arrive at the studio at two and throw a novel down


A summer anthem like that kind of sets us back

Please don’t take this verse as a personal attack

They already think hip-hop is about thugs and selling crack

  You’re telling me to settle for jail ink and a hat?


Was that really the very best you could do with the chorus?

Why not mention something meaningful like U.N. forces?

Draw from personal experience; tell us a good story

Sprinkle a little bit of wit in so it doesn’t get boring


I just know you can do better with the position you’re at

Or hire me to ghostwrite; I’d kill that track

Give up bars about America getting back on the path

Overdose the verse with logic like junkies do with smack


The “Cake” and “Rack Cities” only add to the doubt

But neither one was as catchy as “Cashin’ Out”

Think back to Biggie Smalls; he wouldn’t have gone this route

He would have told a real story about neighborhood clout


Cigar a temporary distraction from reality of madness

More creative when you have it; before long it’s a habit

While the pharmaceutical giants work to create synthetic patents

You’ll go to jail for a plant because they’ve not yet taxed it


Every dumb punk on the street with a gun claiming the baddest

Think they’re fighting for the block that their family inhabits

Killed a kid down the street; quickly upgraded your status

Two working moms hearts are now enveloped by sadness


Should have folded long ago, but somehow we still manage

Communities are shattered; call them collateral damage

Fort Knox’s gold is gone like Toto is from Kansas


They opened up Hell’s gate and released all of the dragons


Food, ammunition, and water is suddenly in short order

A flesh-eating bacteria has taken hold in Georgia

While cannibals are eating people’s faces off in Florida

A failed drug policy war spilled over the border


Global corporations barter human life like grams

The government’s out of money; they should apply for food stamps

Rich folks fleeing the country like Titanic had giant rats

I’ll defend the Constitution with a baseball bat


When the blue helmets are marching, it’ll be time to go to war

And we will push the foreign invaders right back across the shore

The people aren’t inventory for you to track inside a store

And quit poisoning our food; I won’t ask you once more


Stage set for World War when we enter Damascus

The overlords and masters see Liberty and slash her

Some stuffy irrelevant bastard who sits inside a mansion

Spends his days inventing new ways to tax and harass us



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