Posted on July 13, 2012

(A #KZHS Interactive Hip-Hop Experience)




Lyrics by KZ

Music: The Jay-Z “Dopeman” instrumental

[Click for music; lyrics begin at 0:16]



[Verse 1]

Stay focused on the Adderall flow I pose with

Thirty milligram dosage yet still unapproached

Throw my body down in the river and it just might float

But I’ll sit atop the clouds and give you a lightening bolt coat


You’re all lucky for this song’s short duration

Jay didn’t leak the full length one

Like he though I might upstage him


The record execs replaced all my old drug connects

In an effort to silence my ex and to cash a couple of checks

A straight shooter the record industry has come to respect

Since The Source first asked me to pen out my specs


Had more pussy than Kotex

Explosive notes code-blessed
Instrumentals beat to death

When a homicide detective inspects


Better ration ammunition

Like hungry kids in the kitchen

Don’t let off twenty shots

When only six are needed to fix em

The takeover; politicians got makeovers

To hide their reptilian skin and take us over

Watched Congress change over

While corporations made it rain;

Sprinkling change over Hov and Oprah


They call me broke man; I know, man

No longer Dopeman; but toast man

Shit; close your throat, man


You ask what I rebel for

I refuse to let you take more

My bloodline stole a Confederate

Train in the Civil War


Gun control should be illegal

You’re punishing innocent people

Disarming the population

Making easy targets for evil


And what for?

Global currency and open borders?

Just call the whole world yours

And name it a new order


Employ oppression and slaughter

Motherfuckers must have lost it

Hand the reigns of off to your daughter?

Like Wayne took over The Carter


What if God is the planet? That’s how He sees all

It’s the only possible way He’d be everywhere we go

Every other restriction in life is just a man-made law

Playing a game; they wanna steal the Monopoly board


We’ve evolved beyond the leaders; proven time and again to deceive us

Put estrogen and chemicals in the foods they feed us

What happens when it is decided they no longer need us?

They’d rather have a whole state in which to put their feet up


Law-abiding citizens intentionally disrespected

The new scanners can tell what a person has had for breakfast

The shit is reckless; and the TSA molests us

Destroying the Constitution put in place to protect us


Neither candidate’s the answer

Hidden technological advances

They got a secret cure for cancer

In the Guide Stone’s planter


Spirit of George Carlin; I’m merely an observer

See people get distracted; yelling “fur is murder”

No gun inside their home; they wouldn’t shoot an intruder

Already bar-coded like a middle school computer



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