“U Can Believe It”

Posted on July 17, 2012

(A #KZHS Interactive Hip-Hop Experience)


“U Can Believe It”


Lyrics by KZ

Music: Playaz Circle’s “U Can Believe It” instrumental

(Click for music; lyrics begin at 0:17)



[Verse 1]


You ever watch the TV, get mad and wanna shoot it?

Pissed off at companies because their ad campaigns are stupid

I do this for all the brand whores and the rational consumers

Whose voices don’t get heard and whose preferences are muted


Advance a million dollars; I wouldn’t hand it to a jeweler

Pass out produce in the projects to make life a little cooler

Have lunch at Strait’s Atlanta, and shot of Conjure with Luda

Then descend into the studio to engrave another shooter


My assets remain fluid due to an uncertain future

The economy is in ruins and the people have started looting

The whole thing’s being recorded while police cars pursue em

Cops laughing inside like “Should we Taser or shoot him?”


Too much progress has been made to let a few bad apples ruin it

But the folks we trusted most are the ones who are doing it




I don’t bother getting mad but I’m still disappointed

Millions of people are stagnant in crime and unemployment

And the elite still believe that they’ve been anointed

They get a new weapon and they’re too quick to point it


[Verse 2]


Sit home on YouTube, writing bars on my computer

Is this really how we’re living now?  I’ll pardon the intrusion

America needs a leader; not a puppet or a ruler

Or a man who’d fly a drone over another person’s roof


Oppressing your fellow man is not the same as civic duty

We’ve been set up by the system like Wahlberg was in “Shooter”

The church became a business and the charities will fool ya

About the healthy cut they take from the earthquake contributions


There’s some fuck ups in the world, but most of us are good dudes

With a good woman at home, trying to get paid just like you

We don’t hold stockholder meetings in private conference rooms

Or use misery and poverty as a marketing tool


Manipulating political leanings in the elementary schools

Legislate us out of existence man, this shit ain’t cool




Time to bring the troops home because the families need it

And legalize the weed because the people believe in it

Another skirmish around the world? Find us knee deep in it

Outlandish official story; Americans don’t believe it


[Verse 3]


The scary part is things are exactly as they seem

The noose tightens everyday if you ain’t part of the little team

That sits up atop the towers pissing down on you and me

You’re either a slave, an inmate, or a titan of industry


Corporate fucks are something else; like a strange reptilian breed

Won’t use your power to bring peace or help the country to succeed

You put pink slime in the beef, and estrogen in green beans

Find a way to tax oxygen; you’d be selling it to me


You’re incapable of shame, so I won’t play your dirty game

Guys like Jefferson and Washington are now spinning in the grave

They didn’t fight for personal liberty for you to take it away

So go fly a fucking kite the Benjamin Franklin way


I’ll sit home and do me, and you just do you

It’s none of my business who you worship or go home to




An exile self-imposed to minimize the struggle

Take a look around, man; I think we’re in trouble

The secretive overtones out here no longer subtle

The U.N. and friends are trying to stick pins in the bubble


We’ve all got guns; God bless The Constitution

Our civil liberties lately have taken a major bruising

I raise my glass in hopes that these lyrics soothe them

Help calm the situation before both sides start shooting


Gun owners are being punished for some shit they didn’t do

Labeled extremists even though they don’t fit that shoe

Sometimes guns land in the hands of the ignorant few

Who’d use it to shoot at neighborhoods and kids at the school


Truth is, most are responsible and ready to defend you

In the event of foreign invasion or a tyrannical coup

Common sense goes a long way; responsibility too

You don’t have to keep one at home, but don’t mind if I do


I’ll handle my own affairs; disconnect the surveillance

And decriminalize naturally-occurring herbal inhalants



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