Posted on July 20, 2012

(A #KZHS Interactive Hip-Hop Experience)




Lyrics by KZ

Music by Just Blaze


(Click for music; lyrics begin at 0:23)



[Verse 1]


These Twitter rappers won’t breathe on my timeline

I don’t think they realize I’m extending a lifeline

Consider this a declaration of the talent unsigned

Put your differences aside; we’ll do just fine

No more of the blind leading the blind


If they won’t put you on the team, then come stand here with mine

Fuck paying to get heard; this won’t cost you a dime

They’re sleeping on us, but I don’t wanna hear no whining

We’ll do this shit ourselves like a self-checkout line


Every artist should attempt this track

It’s a rite of passage; it separates the wordsmiths from the wack

Write whatever you want from ancient history to crack

The misfits will band together to take the industry back


From the chosen few showered with cars, gifts, and cash

They don’t write their own bars but got millions attached

I’m told that getting signed means giving up the ass

I’d stay underground for life before agreeing to that


They get away with murder and brag about their swag

Tell the masses they ain’t shit without the right fashion tags

Leaving Saks Fifth Ave like bitches with shopping bags

Interviewed by the mags in skinny pants; bordering drag


I’ve done this from day one with two middle fingers up

While Drake and Wayne were busy pouring up purple cups

You guys just rap for profit; it’s no longer about love

If Tupac were here he’d shake his head in disgust




[Verse 2]


Sometimes I can’t breathe when I see big names sleeping on up-and-comers

Guys writing quality content for the past four summers

Put them in the studio with a beat machine or drummer

You release my first single and I’ll buy you a Hummer


So jaded by all the cut-throat managers in it

They don’t bother with the humble kid asking for 3 minutes

Mistake hunger for thirst to put yourself out of the business

When your competitor puts me on; don’t you ask me for shit


You sold a million on iTunes; but did it by default

The population’s so high, man; how could you not?

Success has gone to your head; the ultimate insult

That’s how haters are born and it’s why they pitch salt


I’m the undisputed champion of the recession anthem

You didn’t ask for my opinions, but you’ll damn sure have em

Enduring struggle alone isn’t enough to attract them

You gotta share a life story they couldn’t possibly imagine


I’m all for paying dues and I’ve done just that

A&R’s are still treating us like caged-up rats

I got a lot of tattoos but no snapback hats

 I’ll rewrite your single better in thirty minutes flat


The streets hold to the key to the music industry

An artist gets big-headed, don’t buy their new CD

As the empire folds, they’ll finally start to see

They’re not kings or gods; just people like you and me




[Verse 3]


Half these fuckers can’t read or even write but they party every night

Twenty-five and set for life, without a care in sight

Sometimes life’s not fair; even if you do everything right

Looks like the blacklist has come back around to bite


Commit to writing clever bars and always stick with it

Lyrics sicker than a prick with a syringe stuck in it

Shit all over the beat like a diaperless infant

If they present you with a contract read everything in it


Never sign away exclusive rights to your own publishing

Besides looking at porn, the Internet’s good for something

Google “digital distribution” and “music production”

Fuck drugs; I’ll show you how to make something from nothing



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