“This Me”

Posted on July 23, 2012

(A #KZHS Interactive Hip-Hop Experience)


“This Me”


Lyrics by KZ

Music: Rick Ross’s “This Me” instrumental


(Click for music; lyrics begin at 0:11)



[Verse 1]


Movie stars and hot cars influence rational thought

Forget about world events; you see what Kanye bought?

My loyalty won’t be bought; turn the TV off

Conscious change sought like Tupac Shakur taught


While rappers stand around arguing over the crown

I make art and keep my head down; no screwing around

When you see me out in town I’m carrying fifty-two rounds

And a plastic two-pound with the night sights bound


No tengo dinero; new currency the Amero

Decrees a new memo from the mind of the pharaoh

The plan was better arranged than a classical concerto

People didn’t see it coming like they wore a sombrero


The bloodlines have been the same since the beginning of man

The ones in charge now were in charge back then

Moving shit around the country like a muffin with bran

This year they’re gonna bring back the assault weapon ban


As the drought parches the land they install new cameras

Lock up good people hoping to root out the bad ones

New buildings being equipped with biometric scanners

All phone calls are monitored by Homeland Janet


The citizens are now subject to indefinite detention

The Internet kill switch only adds to the tension

With a push of a button; consider yourself censored

Either die or go forward; it’s the only direction


What’s done behind closed doors now public and brash

The desire for more profits prompted markets to crash

The caste system lasted because stimulus funds splashed it

Throwing folks in prison like a forty-yard dash


Gunshot with a Band-Aid; we knew it wouldn’t last

Same generational clash; old money and new cash

With the population distracted debating Nikki’s ass

The crooks at Goldman Sachs are still running up tabs


The price of gold and corn; now the highest ever recorded

The jobs got exported while the bankers extorted

The facts got distorted; shortcomings not reported

It’s important to be prepared for the upcoming torrent


Underground bunkers and tunnels deep in the earth’s surface

Canned goods stockpiled in cellars and churches

Vaccines on hand along with personal nurses

To contain the outbreak like broke makeup in purses


When the revolution slides, we’ll get hit from five sides

The Bible’s prophesized Satan’s meteoric rise

Welcome the end of times of the western decline

Before we go, put Cheney on trial for war crimes


No need to attack; they brought it down from inside

Some folks are in denial; they just sit back and smile

Like they took it to trial; not guilty verdict filed

I’m not talking show money, I’m talking survival


 The liberty of the people isn’t here for the taking

Sometimes I wake up; feel like I just can’t take it

The last generation; full of bitching and hating

Divided by design through parties and race-bating


They’re coming for us in the name of Horus

When they arrive at the front door, leave the body armor porous

No RFID chip inserted to short-circuit us

Or analyze how we purchase in the grocery store


Shame is, I’ve only got one life to give

To preserve our way of life for the newborn kids

They shouldn’t have to grow up under a dictatorship

Or know what it’s like to be implanted with a microchip


If any other nation tried these strong-arm tactics

They’d be leveled down to ashes and nuclear patches

Biological warfare being cooked up in batches

System more fixed than wrestling matches


Is it really all for us when leadership does this?

Restrict how we live; the cost of doing business

Sheep on evening news; the only eyewitness

I guess ignorance is bliss if you drive a new Prius



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