Mom Praying

Posted on September 4, 2012

(A #KZHS Interactive Hip-Hop Experience)


“Mom Praying”


Lyrics by KZ

Music: The Beanie Sigel/Scarface “Mom Praying” instrumental


(Click for music; lyrics begin at 0:12)


[Verse 1]

I’ve never called myself a rapper; cause of the stigma attached

But I jump on every track just to gauge where I’m at

A lyricist stranded here inside the land of the gat

Is the landscape overgrown or has it been cut flat?


What happened to them days? Like E-40 asked on track

Wish I could bring the innocence of childhood back

Grown folks are expected now to cook and sell crack

But I never really cared for the clientele it attracts


Weed smokers always had a much more peaceful demeanor

And the shit that I was getting couldn’t be much greener

Only kept on hand what’s considered a misdemeanor

In case the feds kicked my door in to take me to the cleaners


Had the hood working for me like the local group of Teamsters

Shooters posted upstairs that would light up your Beemer

Years of this life made me cynical and meaner

Coffee of life got bitter, so I added a little creamer


Smart enough to walk away before the shit got thick

Never had to wear handcuffs or deal with a snitch

I miss the extra money, but my ventures are now legit

Better off a starving artist than elderly convict


Got family in jail; judge refused to set bail

Somehow passed the test of life but still managed to fail

Moved back to Florida when T.I. dropped Paper Trail

Packed up and pulled out; didn’t bother forwarding mail


When I got the phone call that my Uncle Doug had set sail

Sadness overcame me like rain water in a pail

Came right back to Akron like a hammer to a nail

Driving full-speed like a bullet train riding the rail


I was born and raised here amidst anxiety and fear

Less than ten years old when we snuck our first beer

Grown up now; the situation is more clear

So much death before high school that I shed my last tear


Back in the days before legal concealed carry

My generation respectful enough to call a crack whores “strawberry”

No political correctness; gay dudes were called “ferry”

And thirty years later, most couples were still married


The thugs at Reservoir Park drank King Cobra and Olde English

 Boyz in the Hood showing made them shoot at movie screens

The Raiders gear and Skidz were what you wore to be seen in

Middle schoolers bought guns to impress the 9-Kings


The neighborhood was changing in a downward spiral

Nowadays the robbery tapes would be going viral

Driving around town in Cadillacs with no title

Trying hard to unlearn what was printed in the Bible


When the reached a certain age, they entered the family business

Flood Goodyear Heights with dope and protect their own interests

Guys from grade school were now the neighborhood menace

But you kept your mouth shut or got sent to the dentist


Couldn’t be mad at them; they did the best they could

No resources to start off with like a young man should

Running from the cops to hide in the park off Eastwood

The street life was fun, but it was far from all good


From vandalism and theft to the drugs previously mentioned

Akron cops willing to give you a violent intervention

Earn money for your team with the best of intentions

Keep trusted friends around you to ensure your protection


So many situations I wish I could just forget

Wipe out a whole lifetime of pain and regret

If I had the button, I’d gladly press reset

Food stamps and drug money is as good as it gets?


Stay focused on news outlets to see what’s coming next

Population like a dolphin in a fisherman’s net

When politicians care less about Iraqi war vets

Than reelection and covering their in-house debts


Double-talk from D.C.; read between the headlines

Seems they overlook the line between yours and mine

Fascist regime showed their true colors with time

CIA poppy fields and other high-powered crimes


Illusion of freedom internment camps we all see them

Homeless are still starving; it’s a crime now to feed em

450 million hollow points, the feds think they’ll need em

To corral us in the fences in the name of corporate greed (I’m)


Concerned more daily about what lies in store

Only word the ultra-rich understand is “more”

Have their personal army knock protesters to the floor

Or disappear the trouble makers without access to a court


So many admit defeat; like a Frenchman they retreat

Brutal cops still beating minorities down on the street

Only thing missing is a noose and white sheet

Hope it ends up on YouTube or nobody will see it


Time to stop this no more options on the table

Child protective services stealing babies from the cradle

Like eating poisoned soup off a stainless steel ladle

If they hit you with a Taser twice it’s usually fatal


When women are body-slammed by two heavily-armed men

The people will turn on you; you better think again

The brutality has gone on as long as it possibly can

Better believe her husband’s magazine is holding more than ten


You reap what you sew; the seeds of hate are still growing

Volatile situation; which way will it go?

 Consensus is, no more America as we know it

I’ll hold my rage inside and at the last minute show it




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