“Diamonds Are Forever”

Posted on September 6, 2012

(A #KZHS Interactive Hip-Hop Experience)


“Diamonds Are Forever”


Lyrics by KZ

Music by Kanye West

(Click for music; lyrics begin at 0:54)



[Verse 1]


An exquisite existence lies off in the distance

Give a fuck about LeBron James or being a witness

Fuck around and end up on a criminal’s hit list

If you violate the set rules of grown man’s business


Raise a pistol with the quickness scare the whole group shitless

No gun inside your belt because you’re downright dickless

Stand tall and object to get pistol-whipped witless

Flow’s getting even nastier than bodega chitterlings


Soul Food Sunday, with all the country-ass fixins

Rent’s due; get you soda, soft, water, and mix it

 People going crazy cause the publicist tricks them

Getting paid to advertise where a rap star kicks it


Take your verse to task here in front of the class

All I need a microphone and a Hennessy glass

Two menthol cigarettes and a black ski mask

And your title just become “The Ghost of Shit-Talk Past”


[Verse 2]


From the day the doctor dropped me, KZ’s been a fighter

Whole life desired gold chains; designer attire

Couldn’t write a life like this; don’t think I’m a liar

At six, my uncles set the family car on fire


If you plan to grow old and eventually retire

Don’t ever tell your friends about the birds in the dryer

Dope game; better off to be a seller than buyer

Tell the fucking judge to hurry up and free James Gryder


Need a ridiculous truck like a squid; Early Cuyler

I know rednecks making moonshine and hard cider

Multiple personalities like Fight Club’s Tyler

Scorch the track like a chicken wing left in the fryer


Not gay, but gauged up like Omar from The Wire

Get creative to acquire all the things I desire

Crimson Trace lights up; watch the busters perspire

Mere three pounds of pressure, your existence expires


[Verse 3]


Stole another Kanye beat; I’m downright shameless

Swipe his diamond teeth with vice grips and surgical stainless

Then run like hell; don’t stick around to explain it

And he won’t press charges cause he knows how the game is


Get him fair-and-square and unclasp that chain shit

Hesitate to find out how true my aim is

Playing my position; I have fully embraced it

Find a blank canvas, Krylon and deface it


With the help of your handlers you’ve been able to fake it

Your elementary rhymes have proven outright basic

Better stay inside the house during summer vacation

Or the cemetery plot gets a lot less vacant


Patriot in training; never on a hiatus 

I’m not even a rapper, this is just entertainment

My humor celebrated; call it downright tasteless

The spirit of George Carlin; best way to explain it



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