“Put On”

Posted on September 9, 2012

(A #KZHS Interactive Hip-Hop Experience)


“Put On”

Lyrics by KZ

Music: Young Jeezy’s “Put On” instrumental

(Click for music; lyrics begin at 0:33)


[Verse 1]

Catch me driving fast in Akron like I robbed the mayor’s safe

Or left a downtown bank with all three tellers down upon their face

Got a grosser arsenal in the car than John Cusack in “Point Blank”

And my adrenaline’s pumping harder than Jason Statham’s was in “Crank”

Disregard the laws of traffic like I just got my asshole license

If I let go of the wheel right now, the family right next to me life ends

Take an erratic path; brush up on U-turns and evasive driving

 Kill the track and burn the car; and make the chorus a moment of silence

I’m indifferent to bullshit; plotted out the consequences

Calculated self-defense; to cease recurring verbal offenses

Your ass is so sensitive; your toilet paper must be unscented

Pass your lyric sheet over to me, so I can adjust and correct it


[Verse 2]

I put on for Summit County like Hank Hill does for Arlen

Katt Williams sees it in me; the spirit of George Carlin

My dogs protect the yard, you’d better stay out of my garden

 I need an honorary degree; and couple of Presidential pardons

No way to stop the criminally artistic when they’re started

Turned 200 Crown Royal bags into a piece of fine art

In school I combined the comedy, music, and art departments

Cause problems and find carnage inside your apartment

Raised broke and dodging coke on south Florida’s Gulf Coast

Been working since fourteen,  but blew the money on toasters

Put me on Comedy Central, man; as the nobody at the Roast

I’ll be as thoughtless as Jeffery Ross was in the Roastmaster’s coat



[Verse 3]

A free artist living large within an oppressive system

Tell the young ones alongside to listen up for wisdom

So many threats facing man; you better grab a pen and list em

Someone minding their own business? Shit, I must have missed them

Keep business volume minimum like a baffled sound suppressor

Too smart for unemployment like a tenured college professor

Get a three-minute interview with one of the “Shark Tank” investors

Leave here with a blank check for a black Mercedes-Benz Kompressor

KZ struck again; jacked a platinum instrumental

My funds are low at the moment;  so just consider it a rental

Never gave a second thought to lung damage or to my mental

But I’m sane enough to know when I’m justified in squeezing the metal

I had to use this beat; Jeezy gave the world a banger

Then Ludacris got on it and the value got even greater

I’m home hip-hop; don’t you be looking at me like I’m a stranger

I put Akron on the map; the Goodyear Blimp’s northern neighbor

As killers mark their cards in vacant northside basements

Kept an underground museum; call it art for the ages

I’m not the one responsible for the condition that the game’s in

Buy a Swisher Sweet cigarillo; spill it’s fucking guts and blaze it

My attitude is foul;  the referee just called it flagrant

Spend eight hours complaining or go out and find a way to change it

Get abrasive and count out the shell casings I’m misplacing

Turn around to find out  that your face is now adjacent




KZ – “Keep Going” 2012



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