“Rock Bottom”

Posted on September 24, 2012

(A #KZHS Interactive Hip-Hop Experience)


“Rock Bottom”

Lyrics by KZ

Music: Eminem’s “Rock Bottom” instrumental

(Click for music; lyrics begin at 0:20)


[Verse 1]


While the TV’s estimating Kim K’s chest worth

The worst album of the past five years was Rebirth

Not a diss, just an opinion from the social observer

Who routinely plays “Drought 3” when driving to work

Ain’t that a bitch? Call it a dope fiend rental

I grew up in south Akron; not Atlanta or South Central

But shouts out Long Beach and the SOWESTRIGHTNOW

For letting me spit bars on the call-in web show


I don’t care how mean it is; I’m airing out grievances

Fuckers walking around like they got solid gold penises

Get over the silly swag shit, guys; we’ve all seen it

The industry listening is no reason to clean it

Adult Swim stole my cartoon like a dirty band of ninjas

Seth Green wouldn’t respond like the Family Guy chicken

Found out the hard way that my idea had got picked up

My attitude got nastier than a redneck’s spit cup




To the lovely young lady at the heart of The Source

I realized later on just how thoughtless it was

It would have made a good feature and generated buzz

Recession artist/column writer was asking for a dub

Never mind the life story or attention-grabbing title

At five thousand words, the assignment was vital

You could have paid me something for the drug dealer’s Bible

           Negotiations continue; in life nothing’s final

[Verse 2]

I heard the new prospects and said we can do better

I wonder if T.I. still has the illustrated letter

The one addressed to prison when the alphabets sent ya

But you refused my offer like a colonial leper

The fans did the time too; but stayed on our grind

Took the time to write you when you were behind

Figured a conversation wasn’t completely out of line

Mailed the motherfucker out with my last thirty-nine

Couldn’t afford seventy bucks for Grand Hustle’s ear time

Gotta already be rich now if you want to get signed?

Asks the hungry kid on the block with the master design

Who raw-dogged the “Harsh” beat; rewrote Busta Rhymes?

Dialogue with Akoo froze the day you came home

No messages in my inbox, or calls on my phone

I guess I’m on my own; keep doing it all alone

Would have preferred your guidance to some I’ve been shown


Worst thing to give a fan is typically indifference

Turn your back on Akron, Benny Blanco won’t forget it

Just trying to share designs with your king-themed business

A fellow creative professional; you keep your riches


A love/hate kinship; cause you guys fill my playlist

I don’t expect entertainers to always practice common sense

Twitter follows dictate the type of meetings you’ll get

Whether you’re perceived as a million or steaming piece of shit

[Verse 3]


How many more bastard tracks before they put me on staff?

Before Eminem calls me and wants his beat back

Salute him and move on to go find a new track

Ideas going to waste like dying kids learning math

An average motherfucker walking a higher-up path

Fill the sky up with thunder, show the world my wrath

Talk sideways to me, and Goddammit; splish-splash

Pass your ass first-class tickets to your own bloodbath

Don’t get me wrong guys, I’m still a fan

Not a groupie or a stan, or like Game once called it a ‘man-fan’

Just the one guy in the group that stares right into the center

And sees the bigger picture behind the circus tent set

Monument of humble; probably comes off as shiftless

The qualified candidate; interviewed out of existence

Make up for the shady side with my endless persistence

Grew up amongst crime and AMHA assistance



Lived a hard-knock life; guess you’d call it rock bottom

When the shit went down, say that my five shots got em

I engrave around the clock in the underground grotto

Ashtrays for ballers with playing cards painted on em

Need slang and apparel? Well, I need a contract

I rarely leave the house, but ain’t hard to get at

No time to stop grinding; no breaks or Kit-Kats

But if your blunt’s a little dirty, take a few steps back


KZ/Keep Going/2012


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