“Pushin” Part Two

Posted on October 26, 2012

(A #KZHS Interactive Hip-Hop Experience)


“Pushin” Part Two

(verses 3 & 4)

(Click for music; lyrics begin at 0:25)


[Verse 3]


This is “Pushin” part two; felt  like I left it incomplete

Tonight’s Swisher Sweet peach; I got five within reach

About as healthy as the red tide is on Fort Myers beach

Get dyslexic on an old saying; “to own his each”

I mention I’m not a rapper and see people get pissed off

Like I drank their last beer or turned their hard into soft

My bars are going harder than a marijuana smokers cough

I’m completely indifferent; you’re softer than wash cloths

Since the justice in this world is expediently bought

Learned that as a young man; I was obediently taught

I got into more shit than I immediately sought

Cops working overtime; never been previously caught

I’m talking twenty hours of work in a disposable Bic lighter

A wood box for Rico engraved with “Rico” and “West Sider”

Spend four months on shoes for you to wear once at a diner

You disparage my art company; leave here with a shiner


[Verse 4]


I do this for record execs, henchmen and professional directors

The brilliant creative minds and would-be professors

The actors and actresses still struggling with lessons

And underground artists living a life of reflection

For the yes-men and cosigners waiting eagerly at the set

For an initiation assignment that they won’t soon forget

We all want more from life; but there’s better way to get it

A direct quote from KZ; you can tell em I said it

An exclusive population hidden within in the system

Pulling strings and passing laws as the circumstances fit em

Metal flakes in breakfast cereal too small for your vision

Don’t bother talking atrocities; right now we’re living one

Despite the USDA guidelines being rigorous and stringent

What the corporations are feeding us now is wholly unfit

Like a nervous man on Adderall, I eventually start to fidget

I’m thankful I made it home today with all ten of my digits

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