“I Shot the Sheriff”

Posted on October 30, 2012

(A #KZHS Interactive Hip-Hop Experience)


“I Shot the Sheriff”

Lyrics by KZ

Music: Warren G’s “I Shot the Sheriff” instrumental

(Click for music; lyrics begin at 0:10)


[Verse 1]

I had some epic bars written for this; they ended up deleted

I’ve been grinding too hard; I applied too much speed

Indeed, I might seem conceited; please believe

I’m humble but cynical; probably downright seasoned

When I first heard this beat, I knew I couldn’t sleep

Till I wrote something clever; instrumental repeat

Direct message the first link on over to Warren G

And hope he’s got an extra four minutes to see it

I’ve never raised my pistol at a member of law enforcement

You pull a stunt like that, you gotta take on the force

Hear the sergeant barking orders till his voice gets hoarse

Find yourself side-tracked on a collisional course

Never had to ride the prison bus or visit the courts

Or have to dig in public ashtrays looking for shorts

Instead I turn the homestead into a pistol course fortress

And customized some of the finest exotic imports


Do everything I can to make the world understand

My 330 pride and my royalty brand

A rap mag made me mad; I drew a line in the sand

Before I die, I’ll create as much as I possibly can

[Verse 2]

Grant access to petty cash and I’ll never misuse it

Not a goddamn con man; don’t ever confuse it

If I end up with your number I’ll never abuse it.

Who the hell would I tell, man? I’m semi-reclusive

Trade a gun for an ounce and you end up with nothing

Buy ammunition instead; go out and get something

Women and children off limits if you hope to keep puffing

Open fire on your ass; make some chicken and dumplings

Don’t think that I’m a stranger to the Mossberg pumping

Or riding around dirty with the trunk on thump

To stay alive before, I’ve resorted to dumping

On two white boys in a drug store who were on the come up

Concealed carry tales, man; I’m partial to Glocks

15 years in Florida; I mastered the art of trunk-pop

Told the cops about my gun halfway through a traffic stop

Or the Denny’s bathroom one time when I let the shit drop


 You live life and learn; gain insightful perspective

Instill yourself with your own set of moral directives

The world’s fucked up; so many forms of deception

Politicians sell us out for all the secret incentives

[Verse 3]

Even if they do kill me; what’s the worst they can do?

I’ll go high-five the Lord and come right back through

With an archangel crew that’s drunk on heavenly brew

With an eye for retribution and one job to do

So many rappers out today that’s sweeter than Mountain Dew

I’m not here to play golf, but I’d like to play through

Be a good sport about it, or get knocked out your shoes

Your spinal column hanging out; organs coming unglued

I don’t give credence to beef or participate in feuds

If I did, probably would have killed at least ten dudes

From shitty attitudes to thieves doing what they do

To one guy trying to play me out a custom pair of shoes

Spent the past 25 years of life paying dues

See the whole world lit up;  inter-dimensional hues

So close to success like a bomb to a fuse

Must have been frozen out by the underground groups


So I stay on my grind; put in hours overtime

Engrave for ten hours straight; you might lose your damn mind

When I die, I’ll leave a huge body of work behind

And the A&Rs fired because they passed that time

[Verse 4]

Sit atop my kingdom like Corona with a lime

No lasagna for dinner; I don’t call people slime

But the bars that I sling; you’ll overdose on a dime

I’m destined for far greater than a simple life of crime

The competition preoccupied with a necklace’s shine

Keep writing out verses about the years in my mind

One day you’ll be discovered; things will be just fine

Find the crown and the throne;  I’ll make them both mine

Gulf Coast vigilante, but I’m far from a hero

On a long enough timeline, our chances drop to zero

Until they finally get me, I vow to never fear no

Evil or rude letter from an angry credit bureau

Show up unannounced and you know how we do

Squeeze off; make the car that you came in see-through

If you wanna bring a blunt, go ahead;  bring two

Have a conversation in space like a space shuttle crew

I love Mary Jane, but never had land or grew it

The fact it’s a crime; hypocritical and stupid

You like cheap cigars? I’ve partaken in a few

Got three thousand bands if you ask me to prove it

Just bring your stash by so I can run right through it

The functional user ready to show you how to do it

Are the strings are being pulled from another universe?

I wondered early today when I was passed by a hearse

This can’t be life; swear to God we must be cursed

Like the bad luck pipeline running through me just burst

Hide money in the couch like your bitch in her purse

Got caught stealing pills; she’s no longer a nurse

I should have told you sooner; she approached me first

I think it’s time you go and regulate that skirt

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