“Diamonds and Mac-10s”

Posted on November 2, 2012

(A #KZHS Interactive Hip-Hop Experience)

“Diamonds and Mac 10s”

Lyrics by KZ

Music: Just Blaze/Shyne’s “Diamonds and Mac 10s” instrumental

(Click for music; lyrics begin at 0:11)


[Verse 1]

I’m drenched in sadness; in a world full of madness

Got a toaster in my holster; lighting menthols with matches

As my time draws close; I’m realizing what matters

Not a Kardashian’s ass or who Chris Brown batters

Hollywood selling dreams; still not fucking an actress

Who’s the greatest of all time, and whose album’s been remastered?

With TMZ’s help, the fans will turn even faster

Than relief to Louisiana after natural disasters

There will always be taxes; doesn’t matter what the math is

No bank account to speak of, or cash inside the mattress

We know who pulls the strings, but no one will kill the bastard

The cabal behind the scenes is getting richer and fatter

While agents are dedicated to sifting through our chatter

The people scream swagger but their clothes are getting tattered

The killshot’s coming to knock the planet down flatter

 Our perception of reality on the verge of being shattered


When Shyne’s time arrived and they let him outside

I doubt his first priority was an iPhone 5

I’ll bet he took a moment and said a word to the sky

And thanked the Lord for getting him through it; not letting him die

I never been caught, or sentenced to any time

But inside day and night; I’m already confined

My potatoes small-time; holding quarters and dimes

No diamond reward for standing in sandwich bag lines

[Verse 2]

Sometimes I feel like giving up, but so many never try

Every man has an obligation to eventually change his life

The people we consort with, and the way we’re living trife

 Some of us just take longer to sharpen up like a knife

When it comes to your city, you’re better off to stand and fight

Band together with veterans; shoot it out with all your might

Concentration camps are cold on a long December night

Some haven’t figured it out yet; not all are too bright

Whole country’s been busy trying to chase the limelight

Bread lines and executions within your eyesight

You can call me paranoid, but look back in hindsight

This is how a dictator did it back in 1945

The process corrupted; elected reps are undermined

The eye in the sky’s watching, but the underground’s blind

Don’t consider me a rapper; I’m just here to remind

We’re in more of a bind than we ever thought we’d find


They arrest us for nothing, but the drones are still flying

Evil pilots are assigned to draw grids in the sky

History will recall what you stood for and died

Run outside, squeeze the five screaming “death to tyrants!”

As forces draw closer, I load and clean mine

They’ll come sooner or later under the guise of street crime

You can stand and get vocal or perish like a mime

We’ve got a patriotic spirit and we’re ready this time

[Verse 3]

Martial law in New York; to see elections suspended

An agenda contrary to what politicians pretended

Right now more than ever the Constitution needs defended

I guess this is what they meant by “the world has ended”

Did you ever question why they suppress your inventions?

Or how kids can get molested inside juvenile detention?

A secret evil club with the worst of intentions

The population dead or housed in private corrections

Is what they always intended; in the name of crime prevention

Mention it aloud, they cut you down mid-sentence

No massage or happy ending to release all the tension

True power is achieved through a barrel extension

Don’t get infiltrated, or find yourself befriended

No end in sight; the operation is open-ended

Look up FEMA camps; the fences have all been mended

Resist until your last shell casing is expended


The insurrection; feds infiltrate your dreams

A guilty conscience make you wonder what deeds they may have seen

Drive-by’s and weed we think will get us what we need

It’s all bullshit; a trap motivated by greed

So, who’s fit to lead? The last of a dying breed

That’s what it’s gonna take to see America freed

More anger than a soldier thrown out of Walter Reed

Or a man who comes out to find his new car keyed


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