Posted on November 25, 2012

(A #KZHS Interactive Hip-Hop Experience)



Lyrics by K. Ziruolo

Music: Young Jeezy’s “FAME” instrumental

(Click for music; lyrics begin at 0:37)


[Verse 1]


Working hard like the crew at Striver’s Row; I’m striving

Call me Tesla coil; I create my own lightening

I’m fried with no friends around to make sure I’m still alive

They only call me when they need something; I take it in stride

Got a meeting with Kangol over a new hat design

Something different every time; half you probably think I’m lying

My business ventures diverse like lemon beside a lime

Deion Sanders; move KZ Concepts to prime time

Can’t put to words half of what I’m seeing in my mind

It’s playing card time; in the studio I’m grinding

Engraved ashtrays blind em; I’m glad you’re still a client

Couple colorful ones painted still sitting out drying

You can take on the world and spend your lifetime fighting

Like getting punched upside the head was somehow enlightening

The mood I’m in now, I’ll be honest; kind of frightening

Like an illegal alien holed up against the ICE team

People never really love you; as much as it might seem

Get lifted off the ground like a dangling kite string

End of the Mayan calendar; I wonder what’s happening?

Looking forward to a rapture; a real day of reckoning

KZ a liability; just pretend we don’t see him

No telling what kind of content that he might bring in

What is #KZHS? And why’s it covered with kings?

Linguistic strings threaded like embroidery in jeans

He’s just another cat storing guns in box springs

Howls out his own chorus even though he can’t sing

That’s not why I was put here; don’t bother checking Bing

Flow sweeter than the sauce on a barbecue hot wing

It’s been over a week? Another song I’m dropping

So many new rappers that are on the verge of flopping

Limited shelf life for hip-hop sharecropping

Come by with your chopper out; let our choppers get to chopping

Stayed home on Black Friday; you won’t catch me out shopping

Camped outside a Best Buy; frenzied flat-screen coppin

Got rid of the Lincoln but I refuse to drive a Datsun

Still self- conscious about what I arrive at the spots in

As Mitt and the other guy took stage flip-flopping

I customized an ounce jar for you to keep your pots in

Hand-crafted art that would make your damn knots spin

Pass a glass on the rocks; I just snuck the Bombay in

I’m about as much a rapper as Kanye’s Pompeiian

Corporations sending strangers in to pay off layaways

Even folks who can’t afford it start one; they see a payday

Big dreams of coming up like they had in their heyday

[Verse 2]

Next beat that I’m attacking is Ahmad’s “Back In The Day”

Childhood in the 80s; life was better that way

I’m well underway to reaching elderly and gray

But I’m not quite there yet; despite the gunplay;

I squeezed five times and my problems went away

Replaced them all with a new set the very next day

They ruled it self-defense; not a hint of foul play

Choreographed a thousand times since; a violent ballet

Just once I wish I could say it was a good day; like O’Shea

Stand up for what’s right and get knocked like O.J.

They’ll probably try to patsy me like Timothy McVeigh

Tattoo on my stomach like its Patriot’s Day

While the wealthy are dining on a filet and a souffle

Feel my stomach lining rotting; slowly on the decay

Wal-Mart workers and teachers out striking for higher pay

A wage increase coming? The board just voted neigh

Experience encased in a liquid crystal display

Recession-priced free; I’m just giving it away

I’ll park the bucket myself; I don’t need a valet

Or a GPS tracker in a new Chevrolet

We’re headed down the path to total global enslavement

The garden at grandma’s paved over with pavement

Let the pawns do the protests and empty flag-waving

I’m planning troop movements in a basement emplacement

I’m under the streets of your city with a Dremel engraving

Laid faces on a 12 gauge like I tattooed Satan

Two weeks since I shaved, and I missed Daylight Savings

I don’t fuck with blue devils, but understand the craving


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