If I Ruled The World

Posted on December 19, 2012

(A #KZHS Interactive Hip-Hop Experience)

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“If I Ruled the World”

Lyrics by K. Ziruolo

Music: Nas’s “If I Ruled the World” instrumental

(Click for music; lyrics begin at 0:10)


[Verse 1]

The day after the election, we started hearing succession

Every state without exception petitioned the President

The concept spread quicker than neglected yeast infections

But disappeared faster than a bakery’s selection

Better own a legal gun; the laws are stiffer than erections

Prompt a federal inspection of your firearm collection

Unlawful directive outlawing self-protection

Disarming populations always leads the same direction

Hand me keys and a lease to a global superpower

Be a thousand politicians out of work in an hour

The CEO cowards in the reinforced towers

Brought down to street level and deloused with white powder




Revoke a flight license for every pilot alive

Who agreed to spray daily every grid in the sky

Those people down below that your chemicals made die

Were defenseless against you; with no recourse to try

So many given up; they spend their days just getting high

Tear down private prisons; free the families inside

State-sponsored homicide; on the scale of genocide

Where bullet and skull collide, but we think we’re alive

[Verse 2]

The law-abiding among us are routinely pushed aside

We’ve been very good sports and took it all in stride

We turned a blind eye to what Congress hides inside

I think we’ve all been taken for a trillion dollar ride

If you legalize the reefer, the economy gets revived

Roll a two-state blunt up; call it national pride

The debate rages on; another continental divide

Meanwhile, the pursuit of happiness is being denied


Locking people up for profit has become the new rage

It’s the way things are; they modernized the slave age

Were the lessons all forgotten? Check history’s pages

Human lives in portfolios being publicly traded

It’s rampant in the capitol; controlling others is contagious

Instead of medical advances that might one day save us

With no liberty are left, how can they possibly take it

You’re a fool for thinking people would accept confiscation

Start with your own buildings and state houses adjacent

And where your mistress lives; just in case you misplaced it

Politicians have the luxury of days made safer

By being flanked at all times by armed federal agents



Keep murders and rapists on penitentiary acres

But free the weed offenders and spacecake bakers

Who were trying to feed a family on Wal-Mart wages

Just remove all the gates; let them walk out of their cages

Instruct the whole country on the proper use of gauges

No women or children; it’s been forgotten through the ages

We need a day of judgment so the Lord can come and save us

Protecting your street corners; .380 stamped “DAVIS”


[Verse 3]


We live in the real world; full of bangers and AK’s

In neighborhoods that are well-versed in criminal ways

Ask your officers about it; they come here to test Tasers

Or .40 caliber Glocks with the Crimson trace lasers

There’s no way around it; sometimes crime pays

How do you think all your Senators are spending their days?

From insider trading and colonizing foreign places

The monopoly on space and the underground bases

Gun control is elitist; even outright racist

Humanity’s on the run like a fresh pair of Asics

Forget the new laws; go and brush up on the basics

Our forefathers settled differences with a gun and ten paces

We’re feeling all the hatred of the United Nations

With all these guns around, they can’t put us all in bracelets

Or in fenced-in locations out in secret destinations

Putting microchips in faces chanting satanic phrases


I’d change the mentality that makes liberals mad at me

How could I defend gun rights in the face of a tragedy?

If you’re not a gun owner; can’t imagine how bad it’d be

To live beside a crack house that’s staffed with a faculty

The mom, kids, uncles, and grandpa; the whole family

Around the clock traffic and the sewers filled with baggies

The addicts and whores outside all night; its insanity

No summer home to escape to that the taxpayers handed me

[Verse 3]

Keep a personal weapon close; a sign of free humanity

A rabid anti-gunner just might come through and stab me

Media telling lies; expect me not to use profanity?

Some people aren’t happy until they own the whole galaxy

Some jerk commits murders, so the laws are coming after me

Taking magazines away, but I don’t share the guy’s mentality

Must be the Matrix; because this can’t be reality

Banned guns in Britain; did you disarm the Royal Family?

That’s the main reason we turn and take a stand at thee

I carried twelve years legal; now we’re “Son’s of Anarchy?”

Let your friends carry 30, so they can stand around and laugh at me?

I’m a free man in America; fool, my taxes pay your salary

Your drones patrol the skies like a spy with a battery

Send low-level bureaucrats in to constantly harass me

I give two shits about self-righteous spirituality

I refuse to participate in your tyrannical academy


You’ve showed your true colors; don’t you bother getting back at me

You’d abuse the military; ship em state-side to attack me

When they refuse your orders to fire on friends and family

They took an oath, too; I think they’ll handle it valiantly

You’re the leading cause of cancer and infant mortality

My record immaculate, but you still wanna dance with me?

I’m the country’s backbone with an extended capacity

What you call a travesty is the American tapestry

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