“Love Sosa”

Posted on February 3, 2013


(A #KZHS Interactive Hip-Hop Experience)

“Love Sosa”

 Sosa Top Pic Red Bowl

Lyrics by K. Ziruolo

Music: Chief Keef’s “Love Sosa” instrumental


(Click for music; lyrics start at 0:29)



[Verse 1]


Expressly written as the exception to the rest madness of the prison planet

Never planned or had advance facts to back up all the catastrophe and panic

Remote view cameras told of sadness; and the darkness in the aftermath

The planet is scratched like contact lenses when the corneas get detached


Splash an acid bath right back across the lap of anyone inclined to inflict attack

Static? I’ve had it. I blasted back and kept going like a rabbit

Take an Adderall down the rabbit hole; like chewing and scratching at it

Call him nature’s little addict; Elmer Fudd, go and take a shot at it


A quick look back at the laws passed; record protestors with skulls cracked

When cops in Oakland stood in line to show they were equipped to handle the task

The crowd swelled to thousands in minutes; all with Ustream feeds attached

They got pepper sprayed and gassed trying to take their own neighborhoods back


Who’s puts up the biggest fusses? That’s us; the law-abiding gun nuts

I’m disgusted as fuck with those amongst us who’d sell out their own brothers

Where the range of gun ownership and left alone-edness have gone unnoticed

Pigeonholed, zoned, and controlled like they were trying to own us


I’m green-laser focused, in a world full of sinkers and floaters

The unapproacedness is only provoking us to huddle up even closer

Superstars in Testarossas headed home alone and still sober

You should have bought yourselves a drone, a bag of dro, a ho and a comb-over


Placing our bets and debts on credit cards and other imaginary currencies

Interest from thin air suffocating the masses out on shopping sprees

Execution dates progressing now; and every corner of the country’s

Infrastructure is crumbling, no good jobs are up, and I’m hungry

I’m dirty as a bum is rolling blunts up; buzzed and slightly drunker

Than a shirtless lush pouring Jagermeister right down into her gullet

I mean stomach fuck it; forget the mistake, move on, learn from it

I’m nervous as fuck in public; I’m pretty sure I’ve had enough of it


If you string out your own crew, they’ll eventually move against you

Jealousy often plays a major part of their decisions to deceive you

It skews the view completely of what they should and shouldn’t do

Applied method tried and true; unwinding blindly in the drive-through


I tell these bitches here sitting in the wind to pitch in just a little bit

The whole damn team can eat; we’ll split up all the differences and say forget it

The businesses enlisted the kid for creative thoughts and all the custom shit

Astounding accountant expenditures found out and promptly deal with


It’s okay to admit you love it; original artist a big part of it

Should have put me on the payroll when making out your original budgets

Cut funds for someone for nothing; from the playbook of Warren Buffet

Host a buffet of chicken nuggets; and let the public come in and grub it

Put a fifty foot perimeter in place where I’m indestructible as Douglas was

No drugs and dubs, and coming up at the cost and vices and others

No more terrified local mothers wondering if I might kill her son and cousins

The Dirty Dozen’s southern cousin puffin something stuffed with something skunky

Sosa Bottom Pic Red bowl

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KZ/The Patriot/2013

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