“Just a Friend”

Posted on February 17, 2013

(A #KZHS Interactive Hip-Hop Experience)

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“Just a Friend”

Lyrics by K. Ziruolo

Music: Biz Markie’s “”Just a Friend” instrumental

(Click for music; lyrics begin at 0:11)


[Verse 1]

Got a magazine column? I can fill it no problem

Just a deadline and topic; don’t worry about it, I got em

Back in 05 I shot em; I’m retired now like Rodman

I’ve been jotting down lines since they executed Saddam


Family and friends in the pen that probably think we forgot em

The Joes, Mikes, and Johns and Jameses; we’ve still got em

Police blotters blot em; trying to understand the problem

Like to keep em all free, but they go back inside a lot

Have you seen all these local folks recently shot?

Or the guy robbing the pizza shop eventually getting knocked?

It’s a crime to raise crops; grandmas hassled by the cops

The OK Corral’s taking place at urban bus stops


Empty holster for one night like they disarmed 2Pac

Hennessy at Red Fox; clowning fools for white socks

Must have lost track of shots, because by the time we got

Over to B.G. Breeze, KZ Concepts was obnoxious

I killed the Hennessy? Gimme a whiskey on the rocks

My name is Kevin James, and my tab will be forgotten

Eating cold chip-chop over the sink with a warm pop

When you’re puking shoe leather; might be time for you to stop

Fucked up at the party; spilled cognac on everybody

Couldn’t find the right way to express that I was sorry

Big O got me home in time for dinner and a detox

Not a doctor, but know throw up shouldn’t be that spotty

[Verse 2]


Better find investors fast to make the business plans last

Sometimes we’ve got to wonder how it is we even manage

Pay far out the ass for advanced weapons and tactics

But the guns are all plastic like Fischer Price had it

Designing one with Bekkah; with self-replenishing mags

Her engineering background, the way we go back

Got my first art exhibit at the local spot for sandwiches

With an old batch of comics that’ll make the fans laugh

The flight attendant sky high, smiling politely

The bracelet on her wrist shining ever so slightly

Engraved with fifty faces when the jet starts diving

The chance of survival’s suddenly mildly exciting

Turns out the pilot was on Esctasy and wilding

He never lost control; he was showing off and styling

Free liquor for everyone; keep your feet out of the ailes

We’ll arrive at JFK in twenty minutes; with a smile


An independent professional whose game’s still exceptional

 She’s on her own level; and a four-day schedule

The uniform navy blue; Customs let her walk through

With the Coach shoes and Louies; pussy on the pedestal


I go crazy as a drive-by; as the weeks and months fly by

Never been aboard a plane; or a even had a chance at mile-high

I’ve got a few rules that if we both can abide by

When you arrive here again, take a day to say “hi”


[Verse 3]

 In South Akron; down Exchange from Mason Park

Was a warehouse standing in an adjacent yard

Spray-painted on the wall, the phrase: “Every day is hard”

Every time I thought about it, life would deal another card


Cousins raising hell; using trash cans for targets

And fuck the fire marshal; bonfires regardless

The Pitbulls and Cardhartts; Ron G. in Cory’s Car

So far, we probably added Three Hundred miles or more


To Main Street Saloon crew; sitting out behind it

So many Harleys out front, drivers temporary blinded

Manners got minded; cause they might get violent

Touch a bike that ain’t yours; whole crowd will get silent


Firestone Park to Ira; Akron U to Medina

From Miller, Crouse, and Lake Street; right back to Goodyear Heights

The drive-thru on Exchange Street, to Chelsea’s second driveway

Getting sideways on the highways; cause we all know that crime pays

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