“Get By”

Posted on February 28, 2013

(A #KZHS Interactive Hip-Hop Experience)

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“Get By”

Lyrics by K. Ziruolo

Music: The Talib Kweli/Kanye West “Get By” instrumental

(Click for music; lyrics begin at 0:11)


[Verse 1]


No molly-poppin or dusting around me; I find it disgusting

Prescription-rich customs; self-destruction in front of us

Whose cousins been manipulating the weather with cold fronts?

Just once, I’d like to know we did the world a plus one

Got a mouth like a shock jock; no pole-jocking or stopping

Put the chopper in a smock like a Moccasin out shopping

At a flea market or swap meet coppin knock-offs and stockings

 Ortez, Fort Myers; see the dualies out hopping


My pie’s pot, my buy’s not; my iron’s Glock; I lies not

The nine’s hot; designed stock; night sites bright, alarm clock

In a world full of people pitching bundles at the car wash

Got no time for fiends, robbers, or abusive street cops


The five-shot, two-notch; but minus all the wrist rocks

Making drops in empty lots; at a predetermined spot

No telling what kind of lyrics that a brother might got

Better think about it twice before the boy gets hot


Han Solo of the fashion brand; with new bars attached

Into the heart of whoever thought before they’d have the last laugh

Keep acting like a bitch I will see you after class

A public ass-whipping’s happening; better get detention fast


I recognize the racket by the heat under the jacket

Terraform the whole planet till my face is under granite;

Expand business rapid like a family of rabbits

Need a package of purple cabbage, thought your man might have it


Got a bug-out bag packed for when I’ve finally had it

Destination anywhere the spy drones cannot track it

Akron draws me back in like a can lid with a magnet

 A pack and a half a day like I’m the Smoking Bandit

Load up the long gun; fill the magazines to capacity

Bag it up and pass it back to me like batons within at a track meet

Some half-assed basketry now happening the Capitol

Can’t even joke about it, or they’d label me a radical

I’m actually quite nice; but come off as an asshole

Ride clean with no bowl; McDonald’s bags or eggrolls

Use the Force like Star Wars; cause accidental abortions

If I drive an hour north, I’m at the Pennsylvania border

Make your way down the alley; better yet, the rabbit hole

Before I get too old or my card gets pulled

Sneak in Rachel Ray’s kitchen once and bake her a casserole

Buy back her old, sold soul at Antiques Road Show


You have reached a straight-shooter; KZ from your computer

Collaborations exclusive to the first two to do it

Don’t confuse me with a loser; sipping Dewar’s in a Hooters

Writing verses out in cursive in a cougar’s new Jacuzzi

More guns than Bamboo ever moved through his community

Finished stainless and blue; like the Air Force threw it

Pass fools in the carpool; the tool in the car, crusing;

In a Level II vest; stomping pedal with custom shoe

ACG or Tim boots; Cortez; and Jordans, too

So much time spent at the desk; call me David Kenner’s Uzi

Confused by all the clueless souls and fools that’ve refused me

Shoulda knew; the under-utilized dude living his own movie


How the fuck did we get to this? Politicians inflicted it

With corporate interest pitching in to get us in prisons

Or dependent as a puppy with a nipple; don’t slip

It’s a magic trick; exactly as the holy books predicted


Japan’s command is now buying up the homeland

No yen left to spend, but nobody understands

But the grade schooler scribbling on bedroom walls with crayons

Transfat bans cracking; DNA strands matched it


The revolution is staggering; broadcasting

To soccer moms rolling minivans and kids on the kickstand

 The Stans backstage with passes; hoping to catch a glance

No chance; imagination died from fluoride, at man’s hand

The relaxed, pistol-packing American; non-swagging

A soldier ready to stand when the FEMA camps are packing em

Put up your new artist; lyrically, I’ll be smacking em

Better off extort and taxing em; let the labels have em


Attitude Sam Jackson; taking swift, decisive actions

To make it to the top you’ve got to abandon compassion

The fashion market’s flooded with stagnant brands lasting

 Zebra skinny pants sagging; never got the attraction

Skinny Sagging

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