“Devil In A New Dress”

Posted on March 13, 2013

(A #KZHS Interactive Hip-Hop Experience)

 Copper Glow Ashtray

“Devil In A New Dress”

Lyrics by K. Ziruolo

Music: Kanye West’s “Devil In A New Dress” instrumental

(Click for music; lyrics begin at 0:24)



[Verse 1]

The drones are up high; where the gods and choppers fly

Twenty-three strikes in one night; like the Predator was Mike’s

Hellfires overnight; man, that’s the shit I don’t like

You got endless funds for war; but the kids can’t get a bite?

Living terrified in fright when they go out to ride a bike

Air Force deleted the data; from every single flight

War crimes are out of sight like the Holocaust was right

Cable news is propaganda; I choose not to believe the hype

We’re not all devils; tyrants hide in stars and stripes

The New World Order’s light; can’t sleep, it’s too bright

Fallen angels taking pleasure; watching other people fight

Operating with impunity; and Congressional oversight


Limousines are so close, that I can see their pinstripes

More plastic in the satchel than a poor Korean’s rice

So much more art to create; wish I’d see another night

But before they ban us outright; gotta do what feels right


Never stole a single gun; but over the years I’ve acquired

A sniper rifle and AK; couple Mossberg fives

More pistols than four stores could ever sell in four nights

Guess I’d be a liar not to mention the two nines beside the dryer

Had to get rid of a couple; when finances required

They all went to collectors; couple friends with no priors

Probably corner me like Dorner; insert incendiary devices

For exercising my rights and getting vocal on the mic

Put my tongue to work faster than a frisky pair of dykes

Housing prices are rising; best invest in Little Tykes

Losing overseas lives; I can understand their griping

We’re the bullies in the world; and the civilians are left to die

It’s hot outside working; my Mountain Dew’s like warm Sprite

Getting riper than a bunch of grapes on humid summer night

Landscaping to make ends meet; yards full of my designs

Hundred dollars; outta sight; writing bars for what’s right


Been unemployed so long; but never forgot what work is

Some jerk with plastic name tag smirking; and flipping burgers?

I never joined the service; but I understand its purpose

Why burn down all the churches; when occupation will hurt em worse?

I’ll say it’s fucked up; but I can’t say that it’s a first

The epitome of evil; ought to pull off in a hearse

Strong force with no remorse; compose a more heroic verse

Why am I footing the bill for this? Your foreign policy is cursed

Before you put tank treads and boot prints down in our dirt

Think of people that you’re hurting; with no change of a shirt

I’m a law-abiding citizen; I refuse to wear a skirt

Time spell it out now; clarification wouldn’t hurt

The inertia’s subversive; hand-written cards in cursive

Find a career and get submersive; or ask your mother where here purse is

I traversed Stone Mountain; like I was Georgia’s first sherpa

I’m swerving and unnerved; on the verge of squirting Bertha

Stress hangs around longer than my bills after the first

  Cigar burns in my T-shirts; with an ear-to-ear smirk

The funds have been dispersed; get in line, you fucking jerks

Grab a piece of my advance; like a heist with Patty Hearst


You’d never know I was an artist if you met me on the street

No flashy grill or medallions; or Jesus piece for me

I focus on survival; not appearances and fees

@KZHighSociety on Twitter; one of your followers will know me


Just read the Book of Law; penned by Alester Crowley

Couldn’t believe the degree of selfishness; disloyalty it showed me

Ball-hogging like Kobe; do what thou wilt and blow me

The notion of helping others; like a pack of bologna

On the ledger like Heath; remove the sword from it’s sheathe

No wings on my back, but don’t worry what’s beneath

Close my eyes and try to breathe; time to question my beliefs

If I die, I’ll be released; be time to sign another lease

Dana told me once; to get money and date freaks

Now I take that advice; take it directly to the sheets

Retreat to the art suite; Swisher sweeter than the pink is

I can jack beats from right here; never even leave my seat

YouTube’s got more beats; than the Yankees have got cleats

How far does my art reach? How many people can I teach?

Formative years in the streets; quenched the thirst, rehearsed beats

No receipt for Dre Beats; a status symbol of the elites

Spirit of George Carlin; but I’m reminiscent of Cheech

Wish Richard Pryor was alive; but Mike Epps has gotta eat

Comedy legends blessed; with custom sneakers on their feet

Deliver keynote speeches to the legions sitting in the bleachers


A decree has been released; free speech has been bleached

Police are unleashed; like a wolf protecting sheep

Disturb peace for the Beast; kill your people in the street

Housekeepers sneaking pieces; and duplicating your keys

It’s when the trust has been breached; like a pit in a Georgia peach

Broken teeth and laying siege to everything underneath

Their tentacles are green; and reaching far into the East

No stranger to the conflict; like a Persian Gulf beach


World leaders keep deceiving; until the framework is complete

Continue to bleed us dry like a colony of leeches

Nobody’s been impeached; the demon still screeches

Like petites in back seats; taking D’s from athletes

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